RE: Hi

Hi Andrea, have you thought of having a get together in your area ? I'm sure there would be members that would attend and who knows maybe you will meet a potential partner at such an event or come away with new friends close to home.

Best Wishes for what it is you are looking for.

RE: How could I be so wrong,PLEASE,HELP.!Happy T.G. EV

Firstly NO-ONE can make another fall in love with them and going by what you say though there is two sides to every story it sounds to me that this person isn't very responsible ie doesn't own her feelings.

If someone tried to contact me that often in a day after only knowing them a week alarm bells would be sounding.

You were feeling hurt which is understandable which is why you didn't want to talk to this person though again it is a choice what to feel and it sounds to me your gut was trying to tell you something however you didnt want to listen.

In someways this situation is giving you both an opportunity to maybe re evaluate what it is you both want as individuals and maybe as a potential partnership.

People come into our lives for a reason and a time and usually it is to learn, to grow and get to know ourselves better.
Sometimes it is a fleeting encounter and other times more permanent.

I find these affirmations helpful
No expectations , no disapointments
With acceptance of what we can not change comes peace and
The only such thing as a bad experience is one that we didn't learn from.

Let this event steer you onwards and not hold you back ...

RE: "Home" away from 'home'..

hi AJ in abbreviated form, expat is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person's upbringing or legal residence.

Good idea re to penning your thoughts I have been keeping journals since 1998 of thoughts, dreams, synchronicities etc.

Some times when we leave home even our birth country it isnt until we go back that we have a greater understand of the reasons we left in the first place.

Personally I think you need to make it ok to live where ever it is you want to be for your own positive growth, somewhere that has something to offer you and you it ...

Follow your intuition on this one AJ and I am sure all will turn out for the best and remember what ever is best for you will be best for everyone.

RE: This site suck,s

Hi sprinter, have you thought of doing a search of your local area or county and then maybe instead of waiting contact some of the ladies yourself as ladies still believe in chivalry or is that just me .. hmmm cheers

RE: good old sex..

Hi rampia am wondering why you didnt post this question in the forums but stranger things have happened.. dunno

Age has nothing to do with better sex, participation and practice sure does as well as knowledge and self confidence and of course good ol' chemistry ..cheers wine

RE: What's currently fascinating me

Cheers Hubbert.. and thank you for sharing .. wave

RE: What's currently fascinating me

Always something to discover in this life hubbert..cheers..oh and you may also like this site
I came across it some 10 years ago,it is a source of information and you will so love the Astronomy and Space section..have fun and cheers..

RE: What's currently fascinating me

Hi hubbert, thought you might like to know if you dont already that .. A rare 'cosmic cross' has been building up slowly for months. In August, it intensifies. Mars joins forces with Saturn, whilst Jupiter and Uranus oppose it from the other side of the sky. A celestial see- saw, with a pair of planets on either side, while Pluto sits on the pivot..cheers and happy star gazing..
I love looking out to the sky and all it's night beauty and the constellations especially Scorpios as thats what I am.

RE: Settling versus The One

Hello freestew,
We all think and that isnt a bad thing however what we think can be especially if it is our thoughts that create our realities and futures just as every person we meet prepares us for the next person we are going to meet.
I hope the fact you put your thoughts into words has given you some clarity as to where you are in your life.

Life is a mirror, what happens to a person on the outside is a reflection of what is going on on the inside. Any person that comes into ones life is a reflection of an aspect of ones self on the inside.Such aspects can be related from the love we express to ones self to being related to feelings and beliefs of fear,guilt and resentment that people may carry with them and that need healing.It is the people we meet and have relationships with that give us the opportunity to change,heal and grow if that is what we so desire which is why they say love is the only healing feeling there is so lets face it we cant get from anyone else what we dont first give to ourselves.

There are some great books out there and if you ask the universe for guidance it will guide you through your intuition or gut feeling.. For example: One day many years ago I was looking for guidance and enlightenment in getting to know myself better and so went and stood in the local library,I asked,I listened and I received next thing I was standing in front of a book by Carl Jung titled "Memories Dreams Reflections."

Best wishes ..

RE: i need opinions

Hi bubbles,
If you were my daughter my question to you would be, why do you want to meet people via the net when there are so many young people literally around you?

If you were my daughter my advice to you would be,take a friend and meet in a public place.Do not give away your address until you feel you can trust him with it.
We can only ever get aquainted with someone via the net or phone and usually we never really start to know them till we meet them face to face.It also takes courage to meet someone so I admire your courage.

And may I suggest a book by Iyanla Vanzant - Don't Give It Away.It was written for young women.

Please stay safe and take care.

RE: The Love Inside

wine When is the book coming out Daniel ?


Thank you for sharing your beautiful words Daniel.

RE: romance versus badboy

Hi Ben, personally I dont think it is a case of bad boy verses romance not if romance is defined as love emphasizing emotion over libido. At a subsconscious level opposites attract until we reach a level of spiritual maturity where like attracts like.Personaly whether I play with someone has nothing to do with good,bad and least of all romance but has everything to do with honesty,respect,mutuality and chemistry.
Doesn't bad like everything else mean something different to everyone else ? A lot of so called good guys are very bad compared to so called bad guys who can be so very good ...

RE: why cant ex-lovers be friends?

I think people can, it just takes 2 very mature people is all, and alot depends on the 2 people and why they split up to begin with.. for some it may be too painful to stay friends which is a bit silly esp if they did get along and it was circumstances beyond their control which aided the breakup.
Sometimes people just need some space to deal and then they may come back to be a friend and if they dont learn,let go and move on as there are plenty out there..

RE: my system

Hi,You could try emptying your cache etc.that usually works when ones system is nose diving..

RE: an article for all man

Thank you for sharing Lily.Namaste

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