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Quick message for today

Dear girls.. Don't let your beauty make people fool you with fake loves, be smart enough to choose w...
4334Nov 2010

New Year..New Year..!

Seriously, from all of the holiday, new year is always be my favorite. Excited yet scared. Lots of s...
2940Nov 2010

Ugly but True

Because you are looking for a date, not love Because you are more interested in who you go to bed w...
66615Nov 2010


There I say it I love money but I'm not materialistic. See the meaning of materialistic here :...
6187Nov 2010

It's not where, but what is your soulmate?

Related with my previous blog about quotes from Eat,Pray,Love I have my mind occupied, thinking abo...
5835Nov 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

"People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate...
4334Oct 2010

Meme - Try this it's fun! : MY KIND OF BOY

If you're a guy-post this as "My Kind of Girl" If you're a girl-post this as "My Kind of Boy"...
4473Oct 2010


Hola, it's 10.10.10 day! What's your plan for today, is there anything special you wanna do? My...
60320Oct 2010


Does anybody here watch Glee? I'm so excited with the season 2! Charice Pampengco who casts as Sun...
3786Oct 2010

Little Research

I was just curious and did little research about rate photos here. Comparing the top rated guys and...
4765Jul 2010

Suprising thing I found in a soap opera

Last night Mum watched this soap opera in TV while I was having dinner, seriously soap opera isn't m...
5243Apr 2010

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