It's not where, but what is your soulmate?

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I have my mind occupied, thinking about the true meaning of soulmate.
I have four relationships in my whole life, I wouldn't call the two of them relationship though...

first relationship, he's my good friend, we have lots of things in common. really a lot. I said love in the night and ask for break up the next morning.I lost a very good friend because I mistaken comfort with love. (almost 3 years of friendship)

Second relationship, we met, we enjoy each other companion, and we had fun. Only short time, but no sadness and no regret. Just to clarify, all we did mostly just go to the cinema, eat dinner together, and hang out with friend in the cafe. So it's more like 'mate'. (2 months)

Third relationship, this is when all the pain begin. I would like say he's my 'first love'. I was so blind. I listened to everything he said..then learned that everything sweet he said once could never be kept. (1 year)

Fourth relationship, because I got burnt before, I tried not to keep my hope and expectation too high, I used my logic and lock up my feeling.However he exceed all of my expectation. But we want different things in life. And I decided to pursue my dream, not him. He met someone and I didn't fight for him. I don't deserve him.(8 months)

The broke up is still fresh, only two days ago. I made the decision but somehow I felt so scared that I have missed 'the one'. I continuously asked myself, "what if, what if he's my soulmate?"

Then I come to realization, that he is, and also the three previous guys. They all are my soulmate. I was happy and hurt by them. Quote my friend, Charmvarine from Thailand, said :

"Fortunately, I have to thanks for them. They made me even stronger, hotter, smarter, and more happy than before. I have more time for work, friends, family and myself. Right now it's time for me to enjoy my life."

I don't bother to find where is my soulmate. I already know what is soulmate. So love will find me again when it's time for me.

oh,and happy belated world vegan day!

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Thanks for sharing and making me pondering on the same questions since your previous blog. I've meet my soul mate and was blessed enough to spend some short and very intimate time with him. We life on different sides of the glob so I haven't see him since 14 years. Never less there's no day passing on which I'm not thinking of him without any sadness. I send him smiles over the ether and I'm deeply thankful to be able to walk on the same planet as he does.
However with the years passing, my spiritual work and a lot of personal development I came to a the following realization which of course is my personal one. Whenever we meet somebody and mutual connect on a heart to heart level, get out of our heads and speak form our hearts without fear sharing our truths and let each other see who we truly are then we're connecting from soul to soul and we've found a mate. Never mind how long this person is going to be in our life, the fact that we've mutual let our guards down (or teared down the walls for self protection around us) enables us to see and feel each others soul/truth. A divine connection and the sharing of pure unconditional love - soul mates.
Whole beings traveling on the path of unconditional love meeting each other as soul mates.
myue... what i can say is, you are just 20 but you have four relationship and have thinking so much about soulmate... i am 8 years older than you but.. dunno i haven't thought so much about soulmate. that is a very deep subject i guess i can not understand it.

what i have been thinking is how to enjoy everyday.innocent
It has nothing to do with age. I have junior friend on the college and she has 12 relationships already. Having four, twelve, or one relationship is not the point. Experience wouldn't mean something if you don't take learning from it. Like what I did before, I jumped from one relationship to another, I didn't let myself really absorb what was going on. But right now I give myself a little break, and I finally really can see the meaning from all of these.
Well mother_like I also enjoy my life, I really do, even I enjoy the bitter side too :)

thanks for sharing too!
what you said also so true. There might be lies and fight in a relationship, but there is this mutual connection on the level of heart to heart as you called it :)
anyway I pas a visit on your profile, wow you live in Bali?That's cool. I went there quite a lot and will go there again this new year, big change of plan after the broke up. As Felipe in Eat,Pray,Love said : "Every body has love affair in Bali". I met him (my last bf) in Bali too. So many memories :)
Marilyn Monroe she died long time ago and i am still in mourningdancing
Soul mate doesn't exist just ..nothing..
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