RE: Great Britain Eire, border.

As an aside, I suppose someone needs to say this.

There is no border between "Great Britain" and "Eire" as referred to in the thread title.

Great Britain is a term that refers to the landmass of England, Scotland, and Wales, and as such it does not include Northern Ireland and therefore does not border the Irish Republic.

A more appropriate term would be UK / Eire border, as Northern Ireland is part of the UK, but not part of Great Britain.

Cheers.[/quote:You are absolutely correct , so it seems someone doesn't know what they are bladdering on about ,,,,

Irish UFO,S

yes agreed but still odd that British airways and virgin pilots reported strange objects ,,,

Irish UFO,S

A number of air pilots. Including British airways have reported strange lights and objects over Kerry , is this April the first or could it be those Irish C's girls playing tricks ??::confused:

RE: Do you enjoy listening to music....

the rooster ?? your talking about,,,

RE: In Four Words

I,v got an urge...

RE: Current Thoughts #3...*The After*..

We didn't get rid of Monday this side yet .

RE: Surviving a relationship...

hoovering !! really. I had to get rid of my brilliant old hoover,,,,,

RE: In Four Words

you wetted your pants

RE: Bored. Chat me up.

well I can't chat you as your settings won't permit me crying

RE: Does one2note make the most interesting threads ?

wouldn't like to be the one that has to change his nappy,,,

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

it just seems such common sense , and I don't know any other country that would tolerate hordes of people storming across their borders and doing nothing about it ,, he has to be right,,,

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

your president seems to be talking sense all the way even though so many disagree ,but what he's doing is simply right ..

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

I don't know if it is possible but I would certainly back it as too many people just take advantage of lax laws ,,,

RE: Help My p*nis Has Stopped Breathing

piss on a live cable and that'll sort it ,,,

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