RE: Snake Said

Snake Said

Gimme 5 bro

RE: Say Anything

Freddie laugh *wave*............

Magnet Fishing

No need for worms laugh

RE: New year .. same old predictable posts !

Wherever Tru is i hope he has a happy and healthy new year cheers

RE: Does anyone believe in Unidentified Flying Object AKA UFO?

With the amount of women in their profiles saying that they're "down to earth" ... they must be coming from somewhere. dunno transport

RE: What would you do if you had a time machine?

Yo mamma was so fat all she did was sit around the house all day....and i mean right around the house rolling on the floor laughing

................................................................... super

RE: Some Men

Vacation in Australia

Vacation in Turkey

RE: Say Anything

ToOts sounds good to me toOts cheers

RE: Say Anything

Yes mamm had it on 17dec still sore as shite lol blues laugh
I think i have 1 or 2 lives left cats meow cats meow
How have you been jelly bean conversing ? I miss your posts moping
Why toOts and not Unla?
hug smitten teddybear bouquet
HNY lips party hat

RE: Say Anything

UNDIES!! shock reunion

Is that you toOts hug wine

RE: I Love You

I lub watermelon heart wings


Fell asleep @ 11pm doh

Happy New Year Everyone cheers

Big Breasts (women)

thumbs up hug (.)(.) irish

Big Breasts (women)

thumbs up A turn off for me too cheers handshake

Big Breasts (women)

Yes an absurd topic but it does happen. There are women that stay large/obese to keep their breasts big/bigger to attract men. I'd rather see small breasts on a smaller/thinner healthy woman than on a woman overweight just to keep or please a man. barf

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