RE: Moving to FL

professor Well, your younger than me... you'll do ok. I live in central Florida... not many guys here. They are all married or cheaters from what I've seen unless they want a "slam, bang, thank you " So true what one guy already said previously. On this site, not one active person in my age range nearby... so I have to chase away many creeps that just want sex talk. laugh I'm really here only to read the forums doh keeps me from being oh so bored dunno

RE: where do want???

I'm stuck on the title of this: Where do want... what the heck is that?

RE: Do women even bother looking at profiles of men over 60? Why?

More importantly why do so many lie about their age? Or is it that they have a very old or stolen picture? Yes, I view men over 60, and never more than a couple years younger than myself. Always a few years younger and older, but prefer older. Age is a number yes, but I want to relate with those about my own age so we have things in common. I have shoes older than some that view me laugh

RE: New (Old) Guy

Welcome back yay I been here a while but don't really see anything new doh yawn

RE: WHY The same old faces

Very simple, people who can't be bothered to put up a picture, do not deserve mail doh

RE: no date though i've tried

At this site, there are really very few "real" people. So to say you want someone near you is.. nearly impossible~! I looked at your slim profile and really it states any distance, and much younger ladies. So, chances are even more slim I would think. Good luck is all we can really say. Usually those scammers are not even women, just some guy in a local place trying to see what they can get away with. Google search images is my best friend. Believe me... my blocked list is so long they will not even tell me how many pages there are on my account. roll eyes

RE: How to get rid of unwanted guests?

It's really quite simple.... put the kitty's litter box in the guestroom, they won't stay long grin

RE: Charlotte County and surrounding area 941 shout out..

Looks like your all alone roll eyes

RE: Who viewed u last?

usually some dude too ashamed to show his face, or under my age restrictions ... very few will admit they are over 50 .. amazing how many of the young ones change their age just to try to message me.. only to ask for email scold

RE: is being married really that important?

I'll run and get the bug spray for ya.... yay

RE: Moved To Lakeland

bunny Happy Easter, the Florida section of forums is very slim on this site... try playing blockies, lots of fun there. If you are into fishing, lake Jennings is the best that I've found.

RE: Moved To Lakeland

congrats, I moved from the concrete jungle of Pinellas county back in 2000.... never looked back, I had been there since '72.... I love the lakes here in Polk. The further inland you go, the more laid back the life style if you look in the right places. No more fast lane for me. grin

RE: When you go through your inbox do you

I rarely reply to anyone because they just see a picture and do not look at profile or they send messages regardless to what I say regarding whom my send messages or they can not speak proper English or they are young enough to be my children doh I can also spot a scammer on my doorstep professor

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