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RE: For the Girls !!!...

The idea is good, just dont think it would work as many men also goes in as a female and i believe some females come in as males. Maybe they are just curious who knows.I think about 95% scammers here. Never seen so many in one place. I think we should be able to talk openly about any person, with name and all. Cos that certainly would get rid of some scammers, even if all of them would not leave. I mostly play games here now. I have very clearly stated in my profile dont ask for e-mail etc or i wont answer. What do they do lol. they start telling me what a great profile i have bla bla bla and then ask me to contact them on their private mail. I am sure they dont even read the profile.so i wont answer then. they say they are not here a lot so need their mail. So stupid they can put cs mail in creen if they think its hard work logging in lol, saving fingers from working to hard.

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

Hi Phoenix
Just why not go for the one he falls in love with, he hasnt even mentioned feelings. I know in many countries sad but true still arranged marriges. He is talking about Sweden, we dont do that here. We fall in love and we try to impress that person so much it might go to ways. Sure I know some people from other countries try to and sometimes manage to do the arrange marriges. Why not try to be as the swedes if you want to live in Sweden. Skip the skincolour try instead to go for the one you love, or maybe you havent felt that strong for anyone Jimoh?

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

Jacuellyn I so totally agree best thing i read for a long time

RE: Good ole Cuspys Words that Rhyme..or don't or just say hello

Sorry it was already taken I missed that

RE: Very confused about Islam

You are so right. I am myself an atheist and i have made friends with both shia muslims and sunni muslims. some hate each other sure so did catholics and protestants too. So actually think there are other reasons for the hate, but as it might be between shia and sunni its easiest for journalist and stuff to call the religious name

RE: sharia sub !!

I am very glad to say its not allowed to slaughter animals in Sweden if they are conscious
I am sadly very sure not all follows the law

RE: The real facts about datingsites

I soo agree to this, most of us see it in the mail we gets. It does happens one gets a mail from a man that is actually here to find a relation. Unfortunate they sometimes get lost among the scammers mail. Not all users of the english language are from Ghana Nigeria and so on. not even all people from there are bad .

RE: Email Senders ISP

Ken I so totally agree if we could have a vote count me in and if many of us agree maybe they can see who doesnt agree and undrstand why so its needed. If i get a mail now adays with one simple thing wrong I just say not compatible bye. Maybe i miss an honest guy that way, but they should check so profile says same as they write. Funny when they say they read my profile and asks for my e-mail, as i clearly say no to that. So think im sorry we cant vote cos imagen if thousand say yes, CS have to do something then.

peace peace peace

RE: A real, true life dumb blonde story....

feel sorry for the Kelly one, but there are cheaper and very good ways to get around that. Myself is not very happy with anything on me but my eyes. So I hang curtains infront of mirrors, that way I dont have to look at me. Cheap and perfect. I am who I am and if thats not good enough for others, to bad I am not gonna go to surgery.

RE: oil and sperm

WOW sevenseas one can actualy learn a lot on here

I did not know that either.

Starting to wonder if I know anything lol

RE: Is this connecting Irish?

Thank you, and yes cos if i think I leaarn everything there is to learn in my lifetime, then something is real wrong lol. Cos it is not even possible
thinking that would tell me I need a mental ward. So thats when i prefer the coffin lol. Thank you very nice of you to say what you did.

RE: Is this connecting Irish?

hahaha we do dont we. The day I dont I will order my coffin

RE: Is this connecting Irish?

LOL I am not Irish, but I am a woman. Believe it or not, I have buttons.

I am not saying all women have I can only speak for myself. It is the modern touchbutton

RE: A real, true life dumb blonde story....

Phoenix, not long ago I was also called a racist. When I told my friends online the once all over the world with all sorts of diff religions, they had a hard time believeing it. I am being namecalled from people that dont even know me, that I think is pathetic and I feel sorry for them. Hopefully maybe his god would help this last one, looked like he called him for help. I met men here that been scammed one I think of even took loans to give away. There are many lonely people out there that is hoping, and dont want to see what they are heading in for, its very sad. I am alone totally alone thats why I am here, But i dont even give money to charity.

RE: A real, true life dumb blonde story....

OK so now i am an idiot, not going to apologise for it. Its your opinion and you are entitle to it. I have met people in real life that have been scammed. I am sure it is not me you are asking for help, as I am nothing but an idiot.

RE: A real, true life dumb blonde story....

No wonder I have a headache with all crap going on. I honestly think the whole world well at least 98% gone bananas. Not just the weather the so called humans aswell .

RE: Why is the woman the one that has to relocate?


I don't hate you.
I respect your opinion.. Maybe your braver than me or I'm more of a realist.. Either way it's not about who's right or who's wrong, it's about personal opinions.[/quote

Thank you I love you for that teddybear

RE: Why is the woman the one that has to relocate?

I am only saying one more thing about this lol. You will so dislike it most does, still my opinion and i will stick to it. This is very normal that specially the english blame things, or shall I say put burdon on their kids when they cant decide for themselves. I seen it hundreds of times and talked to hundreds that does. Nothing personal against you, just something so many in your country do. Guess you hate me now, but I survive as I am used to that

RE: Why is the woman the one that has to relocate?

Chris I take that as you agree lol


RE: A real, true life dumb blonde story....

o Matilda what can I say, That woman is needs a serious check up. Think she have lost a few braincells.
You know many of the money sent to scammers are for things like ISIS and boko haram. Read that on one of them sites you can check scammers out.
this is sad, when grown people falls for crap like that.

RE: Why is the woman the one that has to relocate?

Not really sure what it is you think your risking. Cos by keeping both your not risking anything. If it doesnt work out you can go back from where you came. My first husband was English, we met very young when I was an au-pair girl in his country. he came to sweden and we married and lived here. So both of us moved from our parents houses to our place. When I divorced him a few years later he after a while went back to england. We are still friends and we prob always will be. Why complicate things so much. You dont just move in with a person you never met. You prob meet a few times first before you decide things like that. I believe you can meet someone on a datingsite, become friends and just see where it leads.

RE: Why is the woman the one that has to relocate?

Very true. But doesnt have to be equal time. Its a very good way to start and to find out where they actually wants to live if they only can have one place. Also hopefully they have holidays and then go to the other country. All depends I think how far away the two countries are from each other. Cost also have a certain part of it. If both are working cost wouldnt be a huge part tho. There are ways, all depends what you want in life how much you love your partner and a lot of other things. Still I think keep both at least for the beginning .

RE: Why is the woman the one that has to relocate?

Why not have two places, they are already there so why take one away. Why just not alternate, or if one want to have some own time with friends from home country just stay alone for a few weeks or whatever. Cant see the need for anyone to relocate. Keep both places. Sometimes "broke" countries have very beautiful locations and views also very wonderful people, I met some when I was in Chris country lol. Guess what, the view, the sun, the wonderful people didnt cost any extra so think "broke" countries can be as good as any. It is what you make of it. Just my opinion of course.

RE: just for laughs

today saturday 28th febuary looks like a perfect morning just got my coffee open my laptop and what do I seelol. Pranks just waiting for me to watch them. What a terrific morning this is. thanks ABC

RE: just for laughs

So true and its lovely to go to bed with a smile. Unfortunate I dont know how to post the video, but i can give a link to one of my favourites and well as usually just go from there lol

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