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Okay I want to meet some of you~! I will find ya~!

OKay... I just got the word that I do not have to go to work for a few weeks again..


I am thinking of taking a little Journey to try and meet some on CS, if you are in ON (North around Kenora), or if you are in ND (North Dakota), or in Sask. Regina (Canada), I will take a drive out!

RE: World's Shortest Fairytale

Oh My God....

This is MY HAPPY ENDING...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

An Old Man and a young woman...... How do you judge????

Hmm.... this has caused quite a few posts, I am shocked with it~!

Now the age differnce is...23 years between them both....

Is it really cheating if his girlfriend is aware of the fact that he is involved with others?

Now according to her; he encourages his girlfriend who does not live with him to find someone else and be happy, she chooses not to.

This friend of mine is worried about a few things as well regarding their relationship, but she has chosen to ignore them for now.

Against the better judgement of her family and friends she has decided to continue seeing him.professor

Now I am wondering what it will be like to help her pick up the pieces after all is said and done.
I still think that this is not going to work out for her, I guess in a perfect world we would only see what each of us want to see, but wht is it that she see's that makes us blind?

An Old Man and a young woman...... How do you judge????

A Young woman meets a very much older man, through her hobby.. she is charmed by him; and he flirts with her and gives chase for a time....

He is always lingering around making her laugh, and THINK about things, and he is flirting; giving all the signals he wants her to be his....

Finally she gives in, and falls for him.

BANG ~~!~!~!!! He tells her that he has a girlfriend, but they do not live with each other and have not for many years, and they have no physical relationship, but rather only a business relationship that is in the public eye.
Her (his girlfriend) only remaining family is near death and he is attening the famliy things as her partner to save face. She goes back into her little living hut, and he stays alone still deticating his extra time to his young love.

She knows his time is limited, but she loves him and does not care to be centre stage of the public eye where he is concerned, but rather as his caring partner... caring for him all throuh the year without others knowing...

From time to time they go out into the world and smile with each other around others... the gaze is bad for some know him and she is no one, they look and wonder??????? But none know that he is dying, they only see a much older man with a much younger woman.

Is it is better to have loved one last time, than to have not fallen in love again?
Is it selfish to put this young woman through watching him die?
Is it selfish that they choose to live like this in the shadows for fear of insult?

How would you see these two in a public way....without knowing the story behind?

RE: what does the future hold for all of us ?...what changes can you see to your life in 3 years time ?

professor professor professor

RE: Attention Trish123

professor well... the world is not perfectly round, and my shorts are clean.. these two things I know for sure at this very moment..... cause...All my shorts are in the dryer.professor

RE: Whats the story behind the profile pic you are showing now?

This pic I have posted as my first was taken earlier last year (2007) before I was to head out to meet the fellow I was in a relationship with..... so for fun I posted it.

It seems to attract trolls, but heck, at least it seems to get abit of attention, lol.

I am gonna try to post a new one after my hair is done today... well if I get to the hair dresser's rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Is anybody on the verge of starting a relationship w/ someone???

You know since I have joined this site...... The one I found of interrest in real life seems to have developed a sense of being more interrested, lol... but much to late for that...

I am liking it here wayyy to much...yay hug hug

Nice to be chatting with other talking heads about being single... I do not feel alone..

I forgot to mention my walls thank you as well, I was making them peel from my complaints..

RE: She Was Not Beautiful

crying beautifulcrying thumbs up

RE: is anybody rich on connectingsingles ?..if so do ya bodyguard ?

uh oh uh oh uh oh


rolling on the floor laughing

perhaps she wants to hold your bum toodevil devil

RE: Hi all

welcome to csbanana applause applause


Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wanna have a count dow to A Happy Ending..

Congrats.. I am jealous~! But


For you both~!~!~!~!smitten smitten smitten

RE: A parting thought for you, I'm going to beddy bye.

Night sweetie... ask Mr. Sandman for the extra special dream.. tell him Shallyjean sent yahug hug hug

Is it possible.. to over-look THE ONE?

Yea, me 2 moping moping moping

RE: People "Watching"

A quick glance is fine, lingering is creepy, unless you come forward and offer some light chatter.....

professor I like being looked at, and I like looking at people, but lingering can spell trouble for the person being looked at, or even for the one looking....

Keep it simple, a quick glance, make up your mind, and then approach!

***ONLY IF that person your staring at is alone thoughwave wave

Is it possible.. to over-look THE ONE?

How many of you have wondered, "WHAT IF I WOULD HAVE TAKEN A CHANCE ON HIM/ HER?"

Did your best friend end up with the best person and you could have had a chance?

Were you to wrapped up in a social life?

Were you too shy?

What if.... I have been walking past and ignoring all the people that possibly could have been made for me?

I have felt no sparks, but what if....... Is this you too?

moping moping moping

RE: Florida Barbie Dolls

thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

RE: a friend has joined

wave Welcome to CSwave

If you need anything just lemme knowhug

RE: does anybody wish they could go back to school to become more intelligent ?

head banger head banger head banger

RE: does anybody ever dream of leaving planet earth ?

thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

RE: " WELL RAISED MY RENT " ....whats the cheapest and best countries in the world to live in now ?

professor professor

CS of courseprofessor

RE: does anybody need to apolagise to the world for being the way that they ? are

cheers cheers cheers

RE: do you pick your nose ?

dancing dancing dancing

RE: has anybody ever ' really let you down ' in a big way ?

crying crying crying

RE: should fat people pay more tax on food ?

professor professor jaw drop

Sex Toys... Do you like them, would you play?

Well I went shopping and picked up some toys.... one tht goes...RRRRRRrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and another that goes, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I like.. where would you like to kiss?

What is your Best spot to kiss..... the choices listed here do not limit areas~! weeeeeeee, now have some fun!devil devil devil

RE: hello there

Hi Welcome to CS~! Have fun, and may you find the one~!cheering angel smitten


HI~!~! May you find the love of your life here~!cheering smitten smitten

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