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RE: what do women ?

I find smart introverts/shy guys extremely sexy, that guy who usually doesn´t make so much noise and nobody notice his presence but once he speaks everybody remains attonish?....he does that without a hint of arrogance..... he has nothing to prove, he is simple brilliant, a beautiful mind....that man is hot! he could turn me on so easily daydream ...oh yes!


RE: Ladies

It was a rainy night
When he came into sight
Standing by the road
With no umbrella, no coat

So I pulled up along side
And I offered him a ride
He accepted with a smile
So we drove for a while

I didn't ask him his name
This lonely boy in the rain
Fate, tell me it's right
Is this love at first sight?
Please don't make it wrong
Just stay for a night

All I wanna do is make love to you
Say you will, you want me too
All I wanna do is make love to you
I got loving arms to hold onto

So we found this hotel
It was a place I knew well
We made magic that night
Oh, he did everything right

RE: Help

Call them ans forget about it, please.


RE: Sad Day

.....sad flower look at the bright side of the moon ....M will be soon with you hug

RE: Is it impossible to meet gay women on this site?

Hi Finally,
No idea. Theorically I would say this place should be open to LGBTI but truth to be told Forums & Blogs are full of bigotry so ...I would not have so much hope ......moping


RE: Whatever Your Taste In Music!!

Meet me where the cliff greets the sea daydream

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

Duela o no duela, directo a la yugular, no es así? Eres un sol Bogart! Mucha suerte wave

Special cakes

Oh I you think they won´t have any problem doing special cakes though? I sent you a PM wink
I appreciate this Mysterious, really do hug

Special cakes

Yeah but the thing is to buy the cake already made...candles included lol!

Special cakes

Long time no see Mysterious wine
Where to buy them is ok, no need to have delivery / online service .... any bakery shop that you know?
Thank you wave

Special cakes

thumbs up That´s the usual are right. Thanks!

Special cakes

Hello Irish folks irish

I wonder if any of you could give me some input here: where may I buy special cakes in your country?

By special I mean: cakes for people with diabetes, celiac disease, or lactose intolerance.

Thanks for any info you may provide on this regard wave

RE: Terminal Illness

Absolutely yes.
I recommend you this story (book & movie) it´s based in real events. The Sea Inside, 2004.

Ramón Sampedro Cameán (5 January 1943 – 12 January 1998) was a Spanish seaman and writer. Sampedro became a quadriplegic at the age of 25 (23 August 1968), following a diving accident, and fought for his right to an assisted suicide for the next 29 years.

A Galician strong man, a poet, writer and an extraordinary human being. His legacy is very valuable.

RE: Can you name 10 reasons why a lot of people don’t like social media?

Probably (name 10 reasons why some avoid/do not like) but I´m lazy today lol!
I like Social Media, it´s ok and it offers a lot of possibilities to meet and interact with a bunch of people otherwise it could be impossible but....we must choose wisely wink who deserves our attention and who doesn´t.

I do not see why do I have to talk/interact with people who I´ll do not fancy in RL, why? just because I´m in virtual world I must like everybody? ha! no.

I´ll be polite and educate with all around but no more that.


RE: Anyone here who has or knows someone with Aspserger's Syndrome?

Good eve you all
I can speak about Autism beyond opinions and experiences. I would appreciate on behalf of those in the spectrum you may know today or in future, you´ll take my words into consideration.

There is not such a thing as Aspergers Syndrome, as it can´t be identify through DNA arrays. As a matter of fact the "label" Asperger is not used any more since DSM-5 and all Autistic behaviors are part of "the autistic spectrum disorder" (ASD).
Autistic symptoms could come with any cognitive capacity, any comorbility (other disorder) or any correlation (an ability). Autistic people are no innocent either naive, Autistic people are lack of "Mind theory" which is the capacity to read third people statements. This tool is essential to be in a place like this ...why? because we need to read between lines and dilucidate hiden meanings most of the time....I wouldn´t think in any place as hard to any autistic person as CS.

Autistic people are emotional as any of us, they have empathy, they need to be understood because it gives them confidence to social interaction, to pretend they ask for our understanding (telling about their condition) as a form of manipulation is simple absurd because they can´t manipulate, again, lack of what is needed to manipulate: mind theory.

They develop emotional empathy as anyone or even much more to compensate but no cognitive empathy.
Those who are autistic will remain autistic all their lives.
Those who are autistic have also a different sensory perception system to neurotypicals (no that would be so many here IMO ha!), it can be just different or highly affected. Their perception is not normal as it´s not in any other form of neurodiversity.

Thank you for reading wave

"the world needs all kinds of minds" Dr.Temple Grandin, professor of animal science at Colorado State University, consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior, and autism spokesperson.

RE: What is our experience of Emotional intelligence ?

Ha! What a subject you picked Rainbow....I like it.
I´ll be back to this thread tonight. Emotional Intelligence is the key to simple as that.
The home of Resilience....
wave see you in a couple of hours

RE: Why are the current CS forums predominantly occupied by white people?

dunno I can only bring my lovely white presence but truth is I´m pro diversity and differences among groups applause

RE: What Shape Is The Earth?

What ever Elon Musk says smitten

RE: Music.....(No Cheese)

I love Francesca Gagnon voice wave ..."Querer" in spanish is just too much!

RE: Invisible

Ok now you already know who killed the moron

RE: Quotes

#803 & #804 applause
“If people could hear our thoughts, very few of us would escape from being locked away as mad men”
Jacinto Benavente

RE: It’s 2018: Why do a lot of people think they need a spouse in ther lives?

But "marriage"???? ......that´s THE no no do not put such presure on it ...I´ve got sick just reading it lol!

RE: It’s 2018: Why do a lot of people think they need a spouse in ther lives?

I want to share what I have and visit some places where it´s better (much fun) if you do not go alone ....basically laugh

RE: Quotes

Ok ok ok whatever you say, you keep on walking in that direction, I´ll do the merchandising LOL!
Cinderella time for me my friend, it was a pleasure, as usual gnite

RE: Quotes

A lottery winner? innocent

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