RE: Picture Took the 5th

wave Waiting for you to get home Robhug

RE: Picture Took the 5th

Hi Robwave Hope you are well!
Love seeing your scenic pics from Australia, and all the wonderful animals hug
Just popped in for wee bit wave

RE: Gal / sdarlagg passed away on April 10, 2024

moping ah jeez, this is very sad news Rob.
Thanks for posting, he will be missed sad flower

Make someone's day

-55 here this morning cold laugh laugh

Make someone's day

When I was a girl,
My Momma would send me
Down to a corner store
With a $1 and I'd come back
With 5 potatoes,
2 loaves of bread
3 bottles of milk, a hunk of
Chees, a box of tea, and 6 eggs
You can't do that anymore
Too many security cameras

Make someone's day

Free Snow Shovelling Class:
This Sunday, I will be holding a free snow shovelling class in my driveway.
Come and join the class and learn about the proper ways to shovel.
Reviewed techniques will include:
The scoop and throw method, the down and push method (AKA, the plow technique),
as well as the upside down scraping technique.
Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to enhance your snow lifting ability without throwing your back out!
I wil provide the driveway and multiple walkways/sidewalks to ensure your training is conducted in the most life-like situation.
I only ask that you bring your own shovel. Spaces are limited and handled on a first-come first served basis. PM for address.
...............................-50s at night here cold reindeer wave

Make someone's day

It was a sad and disappointing day
when I discovered
my Universal Remote Control did not
in fact, control the Universe.....


Make someone's day

Friends - please be careful!
Few weeks ago, I went to a Christmas party. I had a few beers, followed by a few cocktails, followed by a few shots.....
I still had the sense to know that I was over the limit.
That's when I decided to do what I have never done before, I took a cab home.
Sure enough, there was a police road block on the way home, and since it was a cab, they waved it past. I arrived home safely without incident.
This was both a great relief and a surprise because I had never driven a cab before. I don't even know where I go it from....and now...It is in my garage, I don't know what to do with it.

RE: Canada forums look depressing. Is it that bad?

All across Canada Dan, in every city and almost every small town as well, all ages. conversing wave

RE: Canada's Immigration

I agree thumbs up

RE: Canada forums look depressing. Is it that bad?

Hello Dan: ..........its very realistic................sigh

Tents are everywhere..........and more.......wished I had better news

RE: Is Canada a frozen Utopia?

Joe is on point......unfortunately sigh

Nice to see you around again wave

RE: The next PM of Canada

He says all the right things.............which is worrisome to some...
Will be interesting to watch........professor

RE: Canada is Broken! Will there be an East VS West Civil War.

Yes it does seem that way, thanks to the media etc................doh wave

RE: Blast from the past ??

wave I remember you Glengirl!
Hope you are keeping well comfort

RE: Picture Took the 5th

wave Truly amazing photos Rob!! Thank you for posting all of these, always makes my day.
The detail is absolutely fantastic conversing

RE: Canada is not happy with Justin Trudeau

Yes we have censorship at its finest here

RE: Oh Trudeau is stuck in India, can someone not lend him their plane? Have a heart.

Too bad they didn't keep him laugh

RE: Picture Took the 5th

wave grin
Look at all the beautiful scenery from your country
You take some amazing shotshug
Hope all is well? Will write soon!

RE: We had a second alert to evacuate for the second time, 3 days later we are okay

wave Jenny I am so glad your both okay hug But hearing about another evacuation...
And so sorry to hear about the rise in temps there again, crazy weather.
Our Premier has stated publicly that out of 650 fires we have had just alone this year, 500 were arson.
I don't doubt it about BC, and elsewhere in Canada and abroad.

Be on the alert, when they say not hesitate...go.go.go
Some pretty crazy weather going on around the world.

The lookie-loo's will always come out of woodwork to see disasters sadly.

Stay safe and post an update if anything changes comfort wave

RE: Picture Took the 5th

wave Rob, taking a break here
Hope all is well?
Lots of smoky days here, but doing okayhug

Canada is in big trouble

wave Thanks for your comment

Everywhere people look there are 100 ahead of you for rentals. Most never get a call back. Every day I see posted, people are desperate for housing and most are becoming homeless/ or moving out of the country, as many landlords are selling due to the insane policies now in place. Why anyone would want to come here under the current regime is beyond me.
They are targeting natural health supplements now, going to ban them. They want everyone taking their crap. It may be good for some, but overall it's poison. Noone ever looks at the side effects which amount to exactly what your taking it for......I figured it out years ago.
The rental rates below in the link are not quite accurate as I have been watching a long time. Decided not to rent anymore.
A 1 bedroom is over 1000$ if not more, and most are shared accommodations. Singles/seniors have it the hardest, all your going to find now is dives and moldy units, in crime driven areas(which by the way is out of control also). A 2 bedroom house with a yard is anywhere from 1500 to 3 grand. Now someone please explain to me HOW that helps anyone? We are 40 million people in Canada now, 2 million are immigrants brought in last few years. NO infrastructure to support or house these people. Construction is at an all time low due to cost of materials and most outfits are cutting corners which only leads to issues down the road. Why house all these people when they can't even house Canadians? I am just baffled. There is not a day go by I don't see the homeless out there. I try to help where I can, but it is just getting worse. I don't know much about rentals across Canada, BC is extremely high, lots are moving here, as well as easterners are coming to Alberta also. We at least have a Premier who is willing to stand up to the regime. Common sense dictates our province is willing to go the mile and others have noticed....the DICKtator wants the world to love him.
Sorry for the long winded note
They don't want the world to know what's happening for real, most are following the media, and believe everything they say.....

Groceries are outrageous, a jug of 2 L milk is over 6$ and more depends where you go, a loaf of bread is approx 5-6 $ or more, won't even say about meat, a 5 kg roast is about 75$ in places, you get the point.
I seen the news from NYC, as passing Lab-made chicken in the stores???
I will grow my own food thanks.
I don't think people realize what kind of trouble we are really in, or they choose to deny.
............................lemmings...............................................follow the money....

sad flower

Canada is in big trouble

To all you LIBS out there who voted for this crap, good luck to future generations, your all going to need it.
The censureship going on is unfathomable here.
I don't use Facebook except for the marketplace so I couldn't care less about that platform.
Even videos on Youtube are being blocked now.

Time to get a passportsigh

I am so disgusted with what is happening here in our beautiful country.
I hope things turn around soon.sad flower

RE: Canada Goes Full Orwell

It's alot worse than anyone can imagine..
Just' herefrustrated

RE: Is Canada dying ?

sigh sad

RE: Is Facebook banning news in Canada?

I have no idea laugh
I pay no attention to their rules

RE: Is Facebook banning news in Canada?

I think the ......banned
I have noticed a few sites I used before are difficult to access now
There are ways around that sad fool's ideology laugh

RE: Pierre for Prime Minister: It all makes sense now.

Most have no clue what's been happening here
Tons of angry people everywhere you go, it's not safe
I agree
The puppet needs to goprofessor

RE: I love listening to Poilievre

Welcomehandshake laugh
Pierre does seem to have it together and is a bulldog in the HC.
I have watched him for years now.

RE: Pierre for Prime Minister: C-47

cswelcome wave

Seen the pictures of the tornado therewow
Did you see it?
Hope everyone okay

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