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That is a confused and meaningless post.

From Encyclopedia Brittanica:

Democracy, literally, rule by the people. The term is derived from the Greek demokratia, which was coined from demos (“people”) and kratos (“rule”) in the middle of the 5th century BCE to denote the political systems then existing in some Greek city-states, notably Athens.

RE: Black Fungus

Yes, it's a helpful explanation. It's reassuring to have the facts.

RE: Who is the enemy of Free Thought today in the USA.

You're wrong again. Take a look here.

The first link shows overall military preferences, including enlisted. The second link is from a database about top brass, and is very specific.

The opinions of disgruntled Trumpists are no match for facts and figures. But as one of the resident misanthropes here has already telegraphed, no amount of facts make any difference to you. That's why the GOP is disintegrating.

RE: Who is the enemy of Free Thought today in the USA.

You are dead wrong. Most US military officers dislike Trump, and my late husband was no exception. Professional career soldiers expect their CIC to know and uphold the Constitution with integrity. The corrupt Trump failed every test. Plus he was an international laughingstock, embarrassing the nation with his ignorance and churlish behavior.

Obama signed Veterans Choice into law in 2014, from legislation written by Bernie Sanders and John McCain. I celebrated when my husband was enrolled in the program. It made getting medical care for him so much easier. My husband almost choked when he heard Trump try to take credit for Veterans Choice passage. He knew exactly who was responsible for this great boon to service-connected disabled veterans.[/color

Kowtowing to dictators was the last straw. Putin and Kim Jong Un played Trump like a violin. Trump's sucking up to Kim especially concerned my husband. He was XO at Camp Edwards near the DMZ when the tree-trimming massacre took place. (The CO was in Seoul detoxing.) He had standing orders to be prepared to blow up the whole compound on a moment's notice. An international crisis was rarely averted. My husband knew that Trump, with his narrow world view, would never be able to deal effectively with North Korea.

When my husband saw Trump smirking and hugging the flag at a rally, he was disgusted. By that time, he could barely speak, but he shook his head from side to side, his face contorted, and said, "Oh, good grief. Oh, good grief." Who would have thought a US President could ever be so disrespectful of the flag.

Cadet Bone Spurs claimed that avoiding STDs during prep school was his personal Vietnam. After the heroic Tammie Duckworth coined that nickname for the five-time draft dodger Trump, that became our favored epithet for the huckster in the White House. (You probably don't know that Trump coerced a quack doctor to help him evade military service with the bogus diagnosis of bone spurs, by giving him reduced rent in one of his properties.)

General Kelly said Trump was "the most flawed individual" he had ever met, and that working for Trump was the worst job he ever had. This from a four star Marine general officer and combat veteran. He described his boss as an idiot who was incapable of learning information during briefings.

My husband was a member of Mensa and Intertel, and he didn't suffer fools lightly. I'm sorry that he didn't live long enough to see the worst president in history soundly defeated in a free and fair election.

RE: Who is the enemy of Free Thought today in the USA.

It's not about genital s*x, you overgrown babe in the woods. It's about power. You don't have any.

That's why you supported Trump, the bully who you thought would protect you. My husband had the power to take lives, and the power to order others to not only take lives, but to risk their own lives during every mission.

That's what turns you on--the notion of being a man in a jungle, heavily armed, facing a clever and determined enemy--and then mowing down that enemy without regard and without cost to yourself.

You don't have the spirit of a warrior, so you need someone else to protect you.

For 4+ years, the nation has paid the price for the weakness of people like you.

Free thought, my a**, rather a gathering of people herding together for lack of any way forward.

RE: Who is the enemy of Free Thought today in the USA.

You probably also don't remember asking to talk privately with me about my husband's exploits leading LRRPS in III Corps. I ignored that. You're not the first guy here seeking Vietnam combat porn from an elite warrior's widow. It's lame, but at least it offers a change from men who want only dirty talk and upskirt photos.blues

"Free thought" implies Trump lemmings can think, but there's little evidence of that here or elsewhere. Trumpists follow their leader by denying their own lies and errors when they get caught. Their tactic is to use ad hominem attacks, as we see here. No substance, just misogynistic insults from men who fear women.

It didn't work for him, and it doesn't work for the malcontents who are running around like headless chickens, unable to cope with their idol's well-deserved humiliation.giggle

RE: Who is the enemy of Free Thought today in the USA.

I joined this site over 16 months ago. For a long time, you and Mustang Writer kept insisting I was just a bot

I guess you're making progress, as you've finally figured out I'm a real person.

RE: Should Prince charming be banned for kissing Snow White without consent

I'm shocked to hear it. roll eyes

RE: Who is the enemy of Free Thought today in the USA.

You infest USA threads with BS. I don't know if you're just trolling or if you're dumb enough to believe what you write. I fear the latter is true.

When you are called out, instead of admitting your mistakes, you just double down.

You know zilch about Trump, the election, Josh Hawley, US tech, the stimulus payments, the IRS, or anything else USA-related. But that doesn't stop you from vomiting spiteful lies on these topics.

I'm not going to call you a hater with a silly mustache, as one man did, or accuse you of relations with your livestock.

I am pointing out that you are gullible, confused, and angry, a bad set of traits with which to be cursed. Be prepared to get called out on your garbage. I don't like people lying about my country.scold

RE: Should Prince charming be banned for kissing Snow White without consent

Yes, we should and we do read and study fairytales. You would throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Fairy tales are literature, spanning the genres of foklore and fantasy.

A knee-jerk reaction is common among people who don't look deeper than the surface of literature. It can be a problem in schools. You remind me of a parent who objected to my teaching Romeo and Juliet as part of the Honors English curriculum. She said it romanticized teen suicide, and saw no value in the great drama.

Do a bit of research on the significance of fairy tales. If you really want to dig, read what Carl Jung and Bruno Bettelheim have written on the topic.

Your eyes and your mind will be opened.wave

RE: Who is the enemy of Free Thought today in the USA.

Spreading the misinformation far and wide, eh?

Gen. Russell Honore, who was charged with a review of Capitol security on its handling of the Trump-incited insurrection attempt on January 6, summed up Josh Hawley the best, calling him a "little piece of shit."

I'd say the the opinion of a retired general officer has validity. Yours, not so much.

I'm sure you're good at sheep-dipping and so on. Good for you. But do your homework before you wade into things you don't comprehend.

RE: Who is the enemy of Free Thought today in the USA.

No pattern, just another post full of inflammatory rubbish.

RE: Who is the enemy of Free Thought today in the USA.

You lifted that from the other guy's blog, without attribution.


RE: Should sheeple...who drop dirty face nappes in fined?

Thanks for that. We could all use some comic relief on this subject.

RE: Pearls Of Wisdom

You're a multi-tasker, doing both at once.

RE: Say Anything


RE: 161 Active Volcanoes In United States

It's a stunningly beautiful place. You should go there.

You don't get out much, do you.

RE: Are you getting a covid-19 shot ?

The jackass is gone--his Big Lie and coup attempt having failed--and we have a real leader now, voted into office by 81 million of us.

We did it!


RE: Pope or idiot?


RE: Pope or idiot?

It's hyperbolic language, which was used extensively by ancient peoples. Don't take it literally.

We use hyperbole and metaphor ourselves. If a friend tells you "The boss bit my head off today," you get it.

Also keep in mind that Ephesians was written by Paul and/or someone heavily influenced by Paul. Do you worship Paul? You certainly reflect his sexism in what you post on this site regarding the submissiveness of wives.

Jesus was most intent that we love and care for each other, always looking out for those in greatest need.

RE: sweden whipped commie virus by herd immunity,hm.

Deluded sucker.

You probably think the south will rise again, too.

RE: Pope Of Rome Attacks US Constitution

Sorry, I didn't realize you had feelings for him.

You make a cute couple. wink

RE: Pope Of Rome Attacks US Constitution

You make no sense whatsoever.

RE: Pope Of Rome Attacks US Constitution

Hmm, sounds like you're jealous of his education, accomplishments, adulation, and power.

What did you do with your life?

RE: Are you getting a covid-19 shot ?

I'm fully vaccinated now against the current original virus. No side effects.

I will still mask and observe precautions as long as recommended.

If future variants should become a widespread issue, I'm curious if there will be vaccines for them too. If so, I'll get my jabs.

For those people mentioned by the OP who are "against any type of vaccinations," I would remind them of polio, smallpox and other scourges from which we were effectively protected by vaccines.teddybear

RE: Crickets...Crickets...Crickets...

Congrats. You're a legend in your own mind.

RE: Covid-19 injections

On schedule for my second jab later this week, and it will be a relief, with reservations about issues like the variants.

I'll be watching the unfolding of the J&J vaccinations, envying those people who don't have to feel in suspense waiting for a second appointment which could be derailed by anything from extreme weather to logistical errors.

I'm curious about further coronavirus vaccinations. How many variants will there be? Will coronavirus join the list of jabs we need every fall?

Interesting that Donald and Melania Trump got their vaccines in January, so they knew what Trump denied--that having the illness does not confer immunity.

We can't be too careful. It's in our own best interest to continue following the advice of Dr. Fauci.heart wings

RE: Covid vaccine: How many people in the UK have been vaccinated so far?

You mentioned our President Joseph R. Biden.

RE: Covid-19 injections

Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but "Spanish flu" did not originate in Spain. It was an H1N1 virus of unknown origin. (Sock puppet should have read further.)

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and here it fails as a defense for nationalistic bias.

But hey, go back to googling various diseases. Maybe some facts will penetrate your little pointy heads.

RE: Covid-19 injections

Yes, it's a pandemic. It doesn't need your endorsement.

And yes, sometimes the government keeps you safe. Just ask Gov. Whitmer. The FBI saved her from the Wolverine Watchmen degenerates who thought they could kidnap her and put her on trial, in a delusional effort to overthrow the state government.

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