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Dog kills children

I know your dog was loved by everyone, children inclodedthumbs up

Dog kills children

Dog kills children

If I saw it mauling a child I would not hesitate to execute it to save the childprofessor

Dog kills children

By Jack Grey & Nelli Bird
BBC News

The mother of a 10-year-old boy who was killed by an American bully XL dog has asked why the UK government has not acted to ban the breed sooner.

Jack Lis was mauled to death at a house in Caerphilly in 2021.

The Home Secretary said she was looking at banning the breed after a video was shared online of an American bully XL attacking a child on Saturday.

Jack's mother Emma Whitfield said: "Why has it taken this video and not a child's life to do something?"

The Home Office said a change of policy was the responsibility of the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). Defra said it took all dog attacks "very seriously".

Police chiefs' concern over American Bully XL dogs
Police seize dog after reports of attacks

Home Secretary Suella Braverman said she was seeking "urgent advice" on banning the "lethal" breed after the video emerged, which showed an 11-year-old girl and two men being attacked in Birmingham.

"I could have told you it was a lethal breed in November 2021," Ms Whitfield said.
Jack Lis

Dog kills children

There are many,

Dog kills children

Naww I must follow mt destiny, but not cats I love pussieslaugh laugh laugh laugh laugh

Dog kills children

Al knives are not banned in the UK, (kitchen knives) and some ofthe legal length knives are so sharp, they would adeqhately slit a dogs throat and render id dead in seconds-ish. I would hesitate at the owners thoughprofessor

Dog kills children

People are getting trainiing in i how to slit a dogs throat so it dies immediately, releasing it's victim immediately.

Dog kills children

The breed that kills children has an amnesty, and ownners told to please muzzle around schools .dunno

RE: what caused covid...?

Batman and Robin causes bird fluprofessor

RE: Germany says 'no more migrants!': Berlin backs out of EU resettlement plan

They've allready taken over in many area of socciety..

RE: threat to humanity

OP, idioy.

RE: Disliked topics

Stupid postsdunno

Britain is Broken

I should have known better than throw pearls before swine, thank Go for the triple lockprofessor

Britain is Broken

Used to be a good countrycrying

Britain is Broken

Or maybe smashed to bits.

Spanish football official

Maybe, like I said just my opinioncool

Spanish football official

Just one of many opinions in the European press, not very English but we are talking a different culture here, although a lot of people don;t agree with this point of view. I think the kiss was ok, just my opinion.dunno

Spanish football official

The Spanish official who gave one of the winning side a little kiss was told it was not a serious breach of football etiquette and the punihment would reflect this.


RE: Whey we are not successful in this connect singles

But some arelaugh laugh laugh laugh laugh

RE: What country has the best looking people?

In Dublins fair city, where the girls are so pretty. I love the colouring of Irish girls, combined with their ready witcrying comfort uh oh smitten

RE: Can you say "no" to yourself?

I won't sat no to anyone needing advice on their love lfcrying


Do people on CS have a sense of humour????????

RE: What country has the best looking people?



Prince Andrew wecomed back to the fold

The OP saw a light at the end of the tunnel Uzer .Unfortunately it was a train .[/quote}

No it was a hairy marymothrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing tongue

Prince Andrew wecomed back to the fold

You seem agitated???????: dunno I'm sure you are a Royalist.

RE: Should the man always pay?

I think a man should leave a £50 deposit on meeting a womanprofessor professor grin

Prince Andrew wecomed back to the fold

Well I suppose your hatred of Royals and males , in that order, speaks for itself, don;t bother to answergrin

Prince Andrew wecomed back to the fold

Prince Andrew, Thw Duke of York was welcomed back to th Roral family, and reinstated with his full titles and some. He was declared completely blameless by the King, and that evil woman , well draw your own conclusions professor rolling on the floor laughing

RE: GOP Thugshot

All polititians are crooks, the good ones throw u a few crumbs, spare a thought of what uesed to be England,Pakistan , or India if you like, all the best broadcasting jobs, all the best NHS jobs all the best Political jobs, we are indeed a province of Pakistan, Being rapidly filled up with illegal imigrants taking all thraccomodation and welfare, Great Britain rest in peace, dunno

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