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RE: chelsea

Hiya Leisure Man!

Did you watch the Champions League Final last night?

Ex Chelsea boss 'The Special One' won a first ever treble for Inter Milan.

You just gotta take your hat off to the guy!

RE: chelsea

Thought they were dead jammy,myself.
Won by a goal,that went IN OFF THE POST! Lol.

I was more impressed,by them stopping MAN UTD from winning the league. Hehehe.

RE: Fortune Telling at Funfairs

Very glad you are ok,Zella.
Yes,a nice glass of wine with geminiman sounds like a wise course of action.
And,he seems willing enough!
But then,who wouldn't be?
Talking of wine,I'm off to open a nice bottle of merlot.

RE: Fortune Telling at Funfairs

I am ok,Leisure,thanks for asking.
Just thought I'd pop in for a chinwag.
ps. Didn't I tell you the 'Baggies' would go down? That was 'on the cards'!
Still,they have made a decent start this season.

RE: Fortune Telling at Funfairs

I knew there was a reason why my ears were burning! Didn't think it would be caused by 'Leisure Activity' though!
Hiya Leisure! Hope you are going on ok.
Hiya Zella! I hope you are ok too. You are not going to eschew my original sound advice,are you,and have your cards read?
Dear oh dear!
I was only joking,really. Well,mostly.

RE: Dictionary corner?

O.K. Leisure! Gotcha. Try this 1.


RE: Dictionary corner?


Hi,Leisure. Howzitgoin?
Me next?

RE: Trust

Can i see some I.D. please?

RE: sitcom

Prime Ministers Questions.(Wed. BBC.2.)


I like the g&s show,too.
But i'll tell you what.I hope that Smithy is never driving behind me in that van of his!
He is a rear end shunt,just waiting to happen!

RE: Book

This is a wierd seaon,and it seems that,after all,football
is a funny old game.
I think that for Liverpool,it's all about keeping our noses in front,now.

RE: Book

I meant that Phoenix mentioned,in another thread, that the thread starter, Ocean 1,was French.
I know that Phoenix is Irish,(a Belfast boy?),and has lived in France for 15 years.
He seems a great lad,except he is a Man Utd. fan.
Still,no one is perfect! Cheers!

RE: Book

I finished 'Killing The Shadows',last night,and it was another very enjoyable read,from Val McDermid.

Hi,President of Leisure.I noticed earlier in the thread that there was a little nitpicking going on,regarding the thread starter's spelling.There's not much excuse,for getting 'magazine' wrong,but then he himself said that he would "give you that one".

Unless i am mistaken,Phoenix,in another thread,mentioned that he was French.If this is the case,all i can say is,i wish my French was half as good as his English.And i think it is to his huge credit,that he has not tried to use that as his excuse.(As i surely would!)I just thought i would mention it,as i am sure that you would not wish to appear unfair,to our French friend.
Best regards,and a belated Happy New Year. Muleguy.

RE: Book

I am about half way through 'Killing The Shadows',by Val McDermid.
Her novel concerns a psychological profiler,helping the police to catch serial offenders.

In this book,a serial killer is targeting crime fiction novelists'and her boyfriend just happens to be....a best selling crime fiction author.And she is concerned that he may be next,on the serial killer's hit list.

Some of her books have been adapted for T.V. Including 'The Wire In The Blood',series,which starred Robson Green,and Hermione Norris.

I am a huge fan of hers,and i am always on the lookout for more of her excellent books.

RE: bored

Some people will say that is because the week has 5 days,whereas the week-end only has 2.

But i think we know better than that,don't we? wine

RE: last letter new word...Xmas theme

Nut roast. (Christmas dinner for vegetarians,not husbands punishment for unsatisfactory prezzy.)

Yeah,it must be great,to be able to buy good wine so cheaply.
I suppose what you are saying, is that you can get too much of a good thing,though. wine

RE: last letter new word...Xmas theme

Little helpers. (Santas)

Had my Cab Sauv yesterday. wine

RE: last letter new word...Xmas theme

Eat,(drink,and be merry) wine

RE: last letter new word...Xmas theme

Sherry. wine

RE: last letter new word...Xmas theme

Drink. wine

RE: Im off(again)

Mr. President.
I have pleasure in informing you, that the President of Lost Causes (Kevina),is safely imprisoned aboard my luxury ocean going yacht, M.V. Muleguy 1st.where he is serving as Footboy,to my Personal Assistant,and closest confidant,Anglophile. cheers

RE: Im off(again)

Mr. President.
R.E. The issue of a suitable Presidential Title for Baileys Queen.

Is it possible , Mr. President,that some of us (i mention no names),are imbued with the morals and principles of a gentler,less sophisticated, and more innocent age?

But,while these fine moral traits are entirely laudable,to younger generations,and in particular,the youth of today,i am afraid that they must seem decidedly fuddy duddy,old codgerly,and simply not on the same wave length. Almost, Olde Worlde. The paradigm of a bygone era.

The youth of today,are of a different mind set,and, to 'some of us',what may be construed as brash posturing,and uncouth behaviour,are simply the manifestations of fun and high spirits of modern times.

And so it is in this vein,Mr. President,that i proffer my suggestion,that Baileys Queen be given the Title of,


RE: Im off(again)

You have a wicked sense of humour,Angel. laugh

May i humbly beg to be the first to congratulate you, on your new and rightful position of Princess of Whales? Overnight,The Principality has become a better place,thanks to your patronage.

I am glad you are happy with your new Title,and my own suggestion of 'President of Wales',was only made in the belief that it would not be an infringement to any existing Title,and therefore would not precipitate a visit from the S.A.S,or involve a period of incarceration in the tower.

All hail,The Princess of Whales!!!


RE: For Mike1937

Happy Birthday,Mike. gift

Don't eat all the cake at once!

RE: Im off(again)

Well done,Mike.
You have demonstrated what a vital position it is,that The President of Liesure,in his wisdom,has seen fit to appoint you to.

While the other Presidents are not complacent,still,they can rest assured in the knowledge,that with your august self in the role of President of Integrity,that all minutiae and small print will be subject to the minutest,and microscopic scrutiny,thereby ensuring that the customs of etiquette are not breached,and that all protocols are properly observed.

And so it is in this vein,that i put it to The Board Of Presidents,that Angel Diva be elected to her rightful place,to the exalted position,of President of Wales.

RE: madtaffy

Lovely Angel.
I am of similar sentiment as those who have expressed their support and affection for you,and i hope that you will listen to their common sense advice.

Besides,it would be cruel of you to deprive us of the entertainment of your 'blonde' threads. hug

Music Thread.

Yep,pure guesswork.
Have to call it a night now,anyways. cheers

Music Thread.

There will be an even better one tomorrow!
I think it is a psychological test,as much as anything.
If we win,we'll be flying. If we don't,will the doubts creep in?

Mick Jagger ?

Music Thread.

No way!
This time tomorrow,we'll be 3 points clear at the top. tongue

Roger Daltry ?

Music Thread.

Ozzy Osborne ? wine

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