RE: Linda Sarsour

no morals just hate.

RE: Will i get you on Facebook?...

if it was a faster format here id stay at CS FBs toss u off if u piss off a left wingnut has folks leaving FB nazis in groves this site is going lib like its state of minnasota.

RE: Public Education COLLAPSING

then sr.centers,etc.

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

one parent must a citizen for birthright illegals must go home n apply for citizenship for child!a dem dreamer b/s right to invade the usa!

RE: Public Education COLLAPSING

NWO boy like soros n gang.

RE: Somewhere there is a woman who wants to get away and start over

lol,i wont let my wife play powerball she hit the jackpot when she got me,LOL.

RE: Border Alert

cubans are major drug dealers here in our sanctuary city backed by org.crime!our city is 25% illegals now joplin mo.globe pop.was 12,000 b4 invasion!

RE: America's PC Vocabulary

true,she a sweetie!

RE: Obama For President in 2020 or 2024?

yup,remember when obozo booted out a press/reporter,no big deal,hm.

RE: The dark history of Spanish colonialism in the Americas

true look at castro,etc.rulers/no white guilt there!

DC has sold the usa for 60 million illegals n 20 million radical muslim off our SOC.SECURITY! the same way now,burnt out 200,000 have no place to go n illegals have shelter folks there are waking up/too late?

top 3 terrorist arab nations.

yes on new list n turkey,etc.

RE: Is Obama a Muslim?

commie turncoat prez.

RE: Is Obama a Muslim?

im one of u in cairo speech.

say hello to the 3rd world soon USA EU.

60 million head of households then kids,etc.bye anchor babys,etc.for dems n rinos!

top 3 terrorist arab nations.

the NWO BANKERS n ELITES who run the usa n club of rome mafia/popes army,etc.

RE: America's PC Vocabulary

commie killary gangs stuff,lol.

RE: Border Alert

open fire on them!

RE: America's PC Vocabulary

usa citizens are nazis,etc.n illegals are dreamers i say freeloaders to break the usa!

RE: Border Alert

we cant take anymore go home!

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