RE: Say Anything

7 weeks off the beer, wave

RE: Never fool around with the Quija board, it is not a game, it is demonic.............

when I was psychotic I believe I heard voices of demons taunting me

RE: The path to Euphoria......

when did u find out it was a hoax

RE: The path to Euphoria......

I get episodes of what's called the ''higher consciousness'' which is 10 times better than euphoria

3 in 1.........!!!!!!!

I am 3 in 1 playing roulette, the title of the 3 are ; ''The one hit wonder'' ''The magician'' ''The wizard''

3 in 1

now am off to roulette therapy , always remember ''any profit is good profit'' ....................thumbs up



bed time zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz gnite daydream chicken

RE: Say Anything

am sunbathing a full month now,black black black

RE: What do u want Most in ur Life......?

big money.......................

tuna fish

i'm eating tuna now this minute

RE: Say Anything

I haven’t played in years, but im natural at golf I need very little practise, money first then join a big golf club train and become professional I predict this dream of mine

I will be on TV and all

RE: Say Anything

if I become rich I predict I would be a pro golfer within 2 years…!
thumbs up

RE: Socks

aarrrhhhh a put a sock in it

RE: Anonymous messages

your prefect and have no flaws

RE: Why do u comment on the forums.........?

I remember Unloished from SA ate elephant steaks often

RE: Mild to moderate depression.....

I did my sentence but committed no crime..!!

RE: Mild to moderate depression.....

I'm taking anti depressants 18 years now, and I need them for life...

RE: Mild to moderate depression.....

I beat the blues, and I suffer no more, it was a learning process .....wave

RE: Disagreeing and agreeing.

good laughter breaks down barriers people put up, thumbs up

RE: Disagreeing and agreeing.

Since I gave up the drink I post here a lot less, a sure the world cup is on next week something to look forward toowave

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

I'm off shortly for my daily therapy in the local casino, my nickname playing roulette is ''The Wizard''

RE: Disagreeing and agreeing.

have you a day off from work chef?

RE: Disagreeing and agreeing.

I will agree to disagree laugh

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

I meant which is the best factor number for a dark using factor10 at the moment

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

what sun cream do you use? and which factor number?

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