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is she round or is she flat out.........yes planet EARTH1077Jan 14
Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?89067Jan 3
BEER12610Jan 14
Say Anything weird40936Jan 14
Biggest problem of the world...!14910Jan 16
The pen is mightier than the sword773Jan 16
lost 6 stone twice432Jan 16
Proud to be European.................1,56795Sep 24
Do I look Spanish in my profile pic?60049Jan 10
2019 Do prophets still exist.............?12611Jan 13
Too much sex1739Jan 13
Will i post a youtube video of me?1556Jan 11
Brexit now..........Can we vote on a united Ireland...?33321Sep 21
Jonah and the Whale - Bible Story61657Dec 12
The queen of England has died RIP86941Sep 24
Do you mind if two people hi-jack your thread...?44133Jan 3
Anybody online946Jan 10
am i a mad man?53132Jan 3
What song translets your life?24210Jan 1
Bye Bye I'm leaving CS50021Jan 3
You can now tell who thumbs down your post's1933Jan 3
Do you pick your nose?25015Jan 2
Is New Year's Day a bit dpressing?53734Jan 1
I got work19313Jan 2
Status...?1462Jan 1
I've the same memory of elephant ..!1112Jan 1
Who do you miss on CS that hasn't being here in months or years?1,94797Dec 30
porn star as work22712Dec 30
Can being schizophrenic change your personality?56833Dec 23
Good troll Vs bad troll23611Dec 23
Resetting your computer...!2666Oct 5
2019 any hopes or dreams for24014Dec 26
We all need someone to talk too22514Dec 27
Does your personality change while on CS23514Dec 26
Can I ask you a question...?1978Dec 24
the gifts of the 3 wise men.....what were the gifts.../884Dec 23
Serial thread maker1394Dec 21
Trading feelings/emotion if possible...!!22112Dec 17
Who said?1827Dec 19
Have you got the power?1075Dec 19

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