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the grass is always greener on the other side2482224 hrs ago
What is China famous for..?7593 hrs ago
What is Russia famous for...?5672 hrs ago
what is Ireland famous for...?7156023 hrs ago
Post your favorite Christmas song49243Nov 27
Post a wisdom lyric song1109Nov 29
What is France famous for....?32530Nov 29
Any place world wide A-Z2,238174Nov 2019
Your soul mission and purpose in this life.1431424 hrs ago
1233897Nov 28
Did you get the money?1234Nov 28
Have you sussed life over all?651Nov 28
7773110Nov 28
Would you like to be in a relationship now31718Nov 26
PSYCHOSIS23011Nov 27
Who touched your heart most here ?1,09728Nov 20
Strength of character968Nov 27
When love breaks down701Nov 27
Special Dreams exposed ... ;)32827Nov 26
I dreamt I was driving a airplane this is what it means34525Nov 25
Romantic ...?63239Nov 23
let bygones be bygones30914Nov 14
When did you snap out of it and become mature?2065Nov 20
Where you ever clamed up?2294Nov 20
thoughtful, sobering, inspiring, stimulating, exciting, exhilarating, revealing, enlightening, sugge16710Nov 20
Yin and Yang16313Nov 20
Who makes the best ''thought provoking'' threads here?????70939Nov 18
Blood pressure on cs2107Nov 17
Why is simplicity a good thing?20812Nov 17
''Peace of mind''..........?25019Nov 16
Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire1448Nov 12
This great song is in my top favorite songs ever...!1191Nov 17
Is school for kids a training ground to work after school days when there adults?1727Nov 13
This song cheers me up19318Nov 16
Cowboys and Indians79149Nov 13
Budweiser54626Oct 27
In the past when I was skinny women would chat me up...!31119Nov 13
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." -Robert Louis Steven34136Nov 10
I'm growing a beard ........!44938Nov 8
I'm 38 now will i ever get a wife..?3,017117Nov 11

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