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dopamine and serotonin13314Feb 21
Earth quake in Wales18614Feb 17
I need to run 5 km none stop15916Feb 21
Is real love hard to find these day's?58059Feb 16
Top philosophy6512Feb 21
Do you think you're better of alone...?1,38195Feb 17
Does the conscious mind live on after death?72167Feb 10
Naked22713Feb 16
Pope John Paul II taught me how too forgive84682Feb 16
What's Anti Psychotic drugs made of...?24518Feb 8
A wake up call9910Feb 16
Trolls and Trolling.............22912Feb 8
12 inch scar attemped murder15610Feb 14
Blanking731Feb 14
How has this site improved you're life...?65256Feb 12
prime of age sweet 1931329Feb 12
Car test in the morning36323Feb 4
2000 to 201814413Feb 5
am going on the sun beds tomorrow714Feb 8
Great minds think a like1005Feb 6
Gargle1096Feb 6
Plastering33929Feb 4
mental health42428Jan 22
the stigma from gambling39537Jan 19
lets all discuss atoms28222Jan 24
Only for the super power of the USA44932Jan 16
whats the benefits of drinking...?95590Jan 23
I won the lotto last night...........780Jan 24
i want on a plane this year.....ok?16311Jan 23
how has having sex changed in soceity from the middle ages to now 21st century69575Jan 22
Would it be great...............??????15811Jan 23
which alcohol bevvage do you perfare...?30928Jan 22
I have to scrap my car....!58642Jan 18
different type tears851Jan 14
I'm making love now this minute .....num nums19319Jan 14
Schizophrenia24714Jan 6
the stallion gets up the mare560Jan 14
It's pay day11410Jan 12
Amber Leaf tobacco33728Jan 9
Do you believe in Angels?66746Jan 5

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