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Another name for a mental hospital54832Mar 23
What Are The Different Types Of Humor?1114Mar 23
Post your current mood in one word18,851856Jun 2022
What is your favorite planet in our solar system?2519Mar 22
Surf530Mar 23
First Person to Post Wins862Mar 23
What is Irelands oldest oak?24610Mar 22
My song is this one1,19435Dec 14
What does it mean to cross boundaries in a relationship?1514Mar 22
Champagne has an average alcohol content of 12.5°,19510Mar 22
Can I ask you a favor will everyone thumbs up this post78532Mar 22
("There are three things which tempt us, the flesh, the world, and the devil").4288Mar 13
Ur favourite music tunes?1,17955Feb 20
Your opinion of people on CS2,30942Dec 30
Father's Day1762Mar 18
How many mental illnesses are there?1,00034Mar 16
the last laugh1642Mar 16
Suntan 1001350Mar 18
builders anonymous1010Mar 18
Paddy's day Friday77228Mar 15
Lotto win1951Mar 17
What does the saying mocking is catching mean?1841Mar 15
something good58918Mar 7
Fruit........3534Mar 11
who works in mysterious ways?2835Mar 3
tone of voice1913Mar 8
What is a famous quote about judging others?1,00322Mar 1
Worry decoded1881Mar 8
What are the 7 different forms of art?54720Mar 6
What are 8 parts of life?1812Mar 7
What is trauma vs PTSD?1902Mar 7
I’m fixing my attitude in every moment1570Mar 7
Sin.63431Mar 3
I don't know where im going2884Mar 3
Were did the voices I heard in my head?2333Mar 4
r u the same person online versus irl?40110Mar 3
we all want to be liked2707Mar 3
can you sense a snot nose in certain people2131Mar 4
The lurkers log on to thumbs-down posts3,29189Feb 28
If You Don't Know Me By Now1150Mar 3

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