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Ladies :: is there sexy clothes for men1562413 hrs ago
Brain damage1381514 hrs ago
born 2 be22613Jun 29
Greek God's916Oct 16
how many miracles did Jesus preform ?68712 hrs ago
How does one beat death...?54440Sep 22
Destiny & Fate1369Oct 11
Let him without sin cast the first stone811113 hrs ago
Can you hide your sins?921713 hrs ago
Psychosis71614 hrs ago
French kissin In the USA21015 hrs ago
hard done by963Oct 17
Are you grateful in humantiy that we can chat world wide?809Oct 17
Is the internet the best invention ever..?401Oct 17
I'm leaveing CS and no one cares in this47332Oct 16
CS is now the X factor24119Oct 16
England v Spain713Oct 15
i dreamt of the moon twice this week33030Oct 8
Sexy77071Oct 14
Donald Trump is buying CS54739Oct 10
What country are you from..?38029Oct 10
Do you ever feel like a??695Oct 11
A reminder for the folks here41435Oct 10
Common side effects of Zyprexa my med28918Oct 1
Hows one libido ?15113Oct 9
Have I left my mark here....?24626Oct 8
Are your needs being met?1142Oct 8
How are you?1899Oct 3
Resetting your computer...!913Oct 5
If someone doesn't reply to your post do you take offence?82466Sep 27
One of my favorite song...!875Oct 3
Very common paroxetine side effects (affect more than 1 in 10 people) my other med36927Oct 1
If someone insults you, do you insult them back........?89260Sep 25
Raised the white flag of surrender in 20001035Oct 1
lost 6 stone twice in 14 years span1105Oct 1
Smoking1,14482Sep 26
Generalized anxiety disorder (or GAD)44030Sep 29
am on the sunbeds1051Sep 29
So you finally die and meet God39730Sep 18
Do you mostly enjoy interaction and chat on CS from people all around the world?17316Sep 27

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