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Come mon baby...!28513 mins ago
is there a DEVIL???39734Aug 15
Have you ever just sat and thought,, Damn I've been through a lot of shit...?33332Aug 19
THE MATRIX1171022 hrs ago
Stigma32023 hrs ago
I've been called ''cool'' in cyber world and real life lot's of times1066Aug 17
Vocal cords wise IMO Miss Whitney Houston is the best I've ever heard...!562Aug 17
FATE1646Aug 17
Impotence .............?23120Aug 17
character assassination63255Aug 16
The dark night of the soul624Aug 17
where you ever called GAY?17710Aug 16
How are you God?521Aug 16
Is there a another you in a parallel universe..?11213Aug 15
Where you ever in uncharted waters...?3602May 2017
might hit the pub..!711Aug 9
I need to find a wife1,537127Aug 4
Retired at 30 years of age34117Jul 27
Status quo11210Aug 4
The Irish empire....68445Jul 30
what is the meaning of life89627Aug 2015
Any idea's?18313Jul 27
throughout history has at least one voice came from God?1064Jul 27
here's my key philosophy a freak like me just needs infinity760Jul 27
do i know were i stand with you?1443Jul 25
Thinking...1124Jul 25
''The bigger picture''.........?1073Jul 24
shunned rejected outcasted40115Jul 22
I just figured it out in 2010750Jul 24
high and dry...?1858Jul 20
i have a memory1092Jul 20
shaped into the person you are today 201838222Jul 14
Universal message............1505Jul 17
Kitten or Ox1118Jul 17
It's coming home..?39224Jul 11
England Vs Columbia68960Jul 3
INTP Personality (“The Logician”)1326Jun 29
In shock from psychotic episode ?32422Jul 1
BRB1193Jul 1
born 2 be17712Jun 29

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