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Come mon Liverpool81515 hrs ago
who keeps pressing the dis agree botton on each post?19211May 25
My reply to a scammer..!19815May 24
Ice cream45136May 21
Greek27220May 20
Trump on the sunbeds824May 24
Doctors or psychiatrists in the 50s used to take LSD714May 24
Visa Versa633May 24
Fruit16920May 22
A sun tan in Iceland15913May 12
Asking a woman out on facebook51528Mar 9
The women of my past...!!1995Apr 9
which colour clothes were you told suit's you best............?46743Mar 23
Instant noodles1989May 10
Trump is live on TV now2358May 4
Testosterone & Estrogen1251May 8
It all boil's down too..!1518Apr 29
The bird's and bee's are mating...ha921May 6
Did you ever get tested for HIV AIDS...?19414May 6
Am ready to quit being single...!59135Apr 27
I decide to face my demon's today..!!35322Apr 29
I got blood test results yesterday41726May 1
Trolls and Trolling.............60833Feb 8
In the worst things to have in life, how would diagnosed schizophrenic rate..?1096Apr 29
Celebartion time31125Apr 25
Why do women wear sexy clothes..?1,482101Apr 28
X factor CS style1412Apr 4
Do you like the sun...............?50728Apr 21
I have only about 300 favorite songs from millions883Apr 23
Do i have hopes and dreams 2018814Apr 25
Is or was Jesus olive skin36615Nov 16
The abilty to take the piss from ones self and sometimes laugh1245Apr 23
Snookums Vs Pedro50433Apr 23
A hole in the soul19310Apr 23
To my true lover...!!24519Apr 23
Your fantasy with a lover82844Apr 18
Are You Lonesome Tonight...?991Apr 23
Good Vs Bad25515Apr 18
Did you ever do a Rod Stewart...........?1623Apr 21

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