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Your last meal today5,397167Mar 2
CS Juke Box 20241,65731Jan 1
Name a singer or a band you wouldn't go see even if you have a free ticket.1,66852Feb 22
Early 21st Century Tunes3,71484Aug 2023
Daily Chuckle II7,792125Jul 2023
Happy Days Are Here Again!78510Sep 20
If he only had a brain6373Nov 5
Who has better fashion sense?1,53517Jan 24
Share your Sunday Family Tradition3572Feb 19
What is the best room in the home to use a stationary bike?1,61940Feb 21
Fries without a1,48137Feb 21
Who is this hunk of man?63511Mar 23
What is your favourite sketches in the tv show “in living olor.”2260Mar 30
If rambo was filmed in 20232623Mar 26
Altar Boy Goes for a high note!2170Mar 24
Do you like Glass Beams?5007Mar 6
Does everyone miss University of Michigan Football as much as I do? TheTeam The Team The Team1,7948Mar 17
After Birth, how long does it take for the eyes to open?1,9054Mar 17
Will the USA turn into California in your lifetime?7649Feb 2
Let's share some pet photos2984Mar 12
I never realized how musically talented the British Royalty is until earlier tonight.2,38132Oct 9
Bad Boy Entertaiinment3484Mar 1
What happened to An Idiot Abroad?5580Mar 13
Here comes the hotstepper78110Feb 15
Did he hurt your feelings.1,4067Feb 1
R.I.P. Toby Keith65212Feb 6
Are you experiencing Eternal Life?4293Feb 16
Happy Valentines Day 2024 !2,29949Jan 4
Are we seeing Southern border insanity today74216Feb 4
I just discovered this 2020 release movie ‘Made in Italy’ on Netflix last night. I love it!4123Feb 10
Do you also like Christopher Walken? Talkin like Walken.52011Feb 8
Is anyone here easily offended?97117Feb 3
Does the potus work for the peo0le of the USA.2974Feb 2
Funny-Cars Hot-Rods Dragsters Motorcycles and B.U.G.s1,08420Dec 29
I decided to lease a little 2023 hybrid automobile. Do you like it?2,39267Jan 8
Where are the traditional men when you want one…91111Jan 20
Is anyone special if we think everyone is special?85728Jan 27
Is any group of people responsible for the loss of fun contributors & thumbsdown in the cs forums?6,544162Jan 17
FACTS ... McDonald with Shapiro3752Jan 27

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