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Your last meal today

Mine? Breakfast out at Bob Evans....
4,4611590Mar 2

Who has better fashion sense?

I will admit that I have no fashion sense for myself and I like what most women might wear except hu...
1,469170Jan 24

What is the best room in the home to use a stationary bike?

All answers are appreciated. TYIA...
1,548400Feb 21

Fries without a

Answer truthfully
1,402370Feb 21

Name a singer or a band you wouldn't go see even if you have a free ticket.

I listed mine above that I will never go see....
1,275480Feb 22

Do you like Glass Beams?

44570Mar 6

Will the USA turn into California in your lifetime?

73590Feb 2

Have you ever been arrested for Drinking While Intoxicated. The brothers are funny in this podcast.

Cop Slams his Police Chief Onto Hood Of Car After He Shows Up 'Drunk' To DUI Crash http...
80100Mar 10

What do we do when we see a red flag?

The correct answer might be found here;
19200Mar 1

Did he hurt your feelings.

Bring back 45's policies and watch the economy and security of this country imprive overnight! ht...
1,37170Feb 1

Have you ever heard of "The Reefer Man" ?

1932..... Dig It...
21200Feb 17

Are you experiencing Eternal Life?

39030Feb 16

Who will be the next and last CS Porn Star?

I read this somewhere applied to somewhere else. I think this is a rhetorical question. No one will...
31300Feb 12

Are we seeing Southern border insanity today

711160Feb 4

Can the USA survive four more years with Doctor Jill as potus?

Comments on potus Dr. Jill’s first term performance are welcome too! Now, Let’s go Brandon....
19600Feb 10

Two Green Balls

Who am I ?...
17400Feb 7

Is anyone here easily offended?

Dig it....
942170Feb 3

I can't wait to see the new movie Cabrini on InterNational women's day. How about you?

"From Alejandro Monteverde, award-winning director of ?????????? ???? ??????????????, comes the powe...
22500Feb 4

Does the potus work for the peo0le of the USA.

28840Feb 2

How often do you have a bedgasm

37200Feb 3

I decided to lease a little 2023 hybrid automobile. Do you like it?

I like mine a bit. This videoed hybrid vehicle's exterior is just about identical to mine. I like my...
2,345670Jan 8

does swinging on a rope bridge sound like good fun to you?

11900Feb 2

Back To Black soon to be released. Are you going to see it on the big screen?

Be there this May 17th release day...
17900Feb 2

America First

USA USA USA !!!...
27600Feb 2

Is biden lying when he says women today earn less than men earn?

I think these brothers are correct about biological women's earnings. See for yourselves ......
32100Jan 30

Is anyone special if we think everyone is special?

Are you special too? Why? What makes you special? Do you think you deserve special treatment?...
821280Jan 27

Is any group of people responsible for the loss of fun contributors & thumbsdown in the cs forums?

Is it a single group of people responsible for the loss of fun contributors & thumbs down in the cs...
6,4651620Jan 17

How many people want 4 more years of president Donald Trump as the leader of the Free world?

Get out and vote for Peace and Prosperity !...
1,642290Jan 6

Which biological sex lacks humility, emotional control and proper manners in a public setting?

Please share what have you've experienced or just observed regarding the poll subject....
941260Jan 23

Does this video content prove that men rule?

Dig it! That's some High Voltage this dude is rocking and rolling around.
657200Jan 18

How many people want 5 more years if Joe Biden as the leader of the Free world?

Vote your pocket book, security and sanity....
716130Jan 6

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