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Colonoscopy in the a.m1,02819May 2012
The world has gone crazy.1,07720Jul 2011
Sorry about cursing in my thrend3143Jun 2011
Mirror at the library3041Jun 2011
Why are girls on sites so lame.3,658109May 2011
Rap music still stinks.4487Jun 2011
What Bull Crap.2602May 2011
why is people so messed up and crapy.8749May 2011
I hope this summer,sos3594Apr 2011
Yellow cap cocacola.3552May 2011
Tea ladies.2012Apr 2011
C.S new look2944Apr 2011
I think I snapped1,18536Apr 2011
Jail Break3043Apr 2011
Phoebe Snow~Poetry Man2602Apr 2011
What shit f in luck,Blind date1,79645Apr 2011
Mother drives into water killing herself and 3 kids1,07120Apr 2011
Who thinks the U.S is heading for another war?2391Mar 2011
I'am an international lover.2080Mar 2011
Now I have to put my new couch in the garbage.2906Mar 2011
I'am becoming sullivan.78420Mar 2011
The woman here are crazy.2,76294Mar 2011
I'am single.62715Mar 2011
Here way too long.1,16933Mar 2011
Ball of confussion.3235Mar 2011
How many people got to meet in person.72122Mar 2011
Ask me out3626Mar 2011
Quaggmayer giglgi glgig ga ge73117Mar 2011
A con artist on this2563Mar 2011
I think my pee shooter isn't working.2730Feb 2011
I'am normal.1,01746Feb 2011
William Shatner Birthday, March 22.3007Feb 2011
Obama Is The First Half White President.70123Feb 2011
Mississippi license plate to hornor a KKK member.1,89684Feb 2011
Is there an eye doctor in the house.2354Feb 2011
AMERICA IS GREAT.5,383174Feb 2011
I still look like Fat Bastard.3456Feb 2011
I gotta get layed because3333Feb 2011
Toco Bell is getting sued.44415Jan 2011

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