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far left n far right deep state will be exposed in 6 days!688Apr 19
CS is like FB taking threads n cant get into old threads/bye.69941Apr 12
who wins killary n the vampire deep state or trump.657Apr 18
atty.gen.sessions/deep state must go,jan.3rd.1,22316Dec 19
usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs47444Apr 5
usa flu.89364Jan 28
FBI/FIB cant stop shooters but they want ur guns n they want to take down trump!1007Apr 12
illuminati.5,076146Feb 2015
snow on dec.23rd!16910Dec 23
elected officials should take drug tests,also.2,723130Jan 2014
albert pike.87742May 2017 rip off.congress2,64499Oct 2014
bomb syria n not south africas leaders?!973Apr 10
utube shooting is fading away!ok wait no its a muslim shooter.1094Apr 10
why are MS 13 n illegals still here illegal is still illegal time to deport em mr.trump.28531Mar 30
tarmac blues for bill n killary?771Apr 7
deep state!45627Dec 17
why are muslim refugees still here in the usa!1,99847Dec 15
shadow govt. in the usa.2,796126Dec 9
islam peaceful.2,72395May 2017
top 3 terrorist arab nations.46339Feb 25
one hit wonders or favorite song.9,294220Sep 2013
iran.54426Jan 2
bully govt.usa no we the people anymore!2,26170Aug 2014
DHEA1131Jan 5
can you gals tell when a guy freezes up asking you out?43328Dec 16
russia war?2,676133Aug 2014
KC.25014Dec 24
best places in usa to live/retire.4,51472Oct 2011
if you had ED would you?4,234174Sep 2013
grammar nazi police.4,135263Dec 2013
7 year itch fact or fiction?2,86794Dec 2013
JFK 50yrs./Lone gunman?3,410208Nov 2013
reporter said 10 dollar a gallon of gas for usa.2,06044Feb 2012
is UK/EU headed for a split up/soon?6,453144Dec 2014
election day/usa.1,99135Nov 2014
jade helm 153,42239May 2015
GOP/Rs are rigging/defrauding voters here!1,70052Sep 2014
tesla4,57072Mar 2015

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