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spanish flu1225Jul 17
no debters prisons wrote bt our forefathers govt. rapes us.803 hrs ago
road pitrites/cops shake us down for the evil empires broke states funds.903 hrs ago
FED was put here to ruin us to derfdom 1913 plot to enslavement/no jobs n robots replace us/purge!1313 hrs ago
latins are planning,12510Sep 26
polands fema you the convid never come back/houses are blown up.786Sep 26
i resist the nwo our forefathers said fight the satan powers440Sep 24
king charles author of the reset peons king n masons rule us 1871 on,maritime law!1027Sep 9
F the royals b/s thet n their ilk keep us poor n in chains/wake up usa,etc.591Sep 20
NWO open borders to ruin us180Sep 24
divide n conquer/purge 2023904Sep 22
BLM/china lawlessness to invafe us.350Sep 23
king edward backed the nazis,hm.732Sep 20
D blue R red=PURPLE satans color/royals/purple reign984Sep 13
desantos showboater for WEF/NWOs greatest show on earth/harvard frad,hm.521Sep 21
march 13 2020 bye trump 33 degree mason58726Nov 2021
sutle takeover NWO/WEF our leaders have sold us out671Sep 20
royals give the jewels back to the lands you stole/the poor751Sep 20
the black sun order3268Apr 19
future cyborgs you wull be property big tech youll wish you could die,the bible450Sep 20
king charles WEF/666 WEF COFOUNDERyoull own nothing peons n like it,hm.570Sep 20
9/11 or 7/111599Jun 21
patriot act.300Sep 12
5g/mental health983Sep 11
vote the NWO bums out/dermany,etc.look usa561Sep 6
plandemic shutdowns now in EU winter shutdowns,hm,bye middle class/serfs641Sep 6
1776 on1484Jun 27
why doesnt isreal/china take in latins/blacks,the world must,hm.550Sep 11
prison planet/your home lockdowns,till the purge,the culling of man490Sep 11
who owns canada was liz now chls/royals853Sep 10
chiraq21317May 23
king charles author of the reset peons king n masons rule us 1871 on,maritime law!1294Sep 9
VPN proton mails are useless1083Jul 29
the fed charter is up july 4 20221448Jul 4
queen was dead months ago biden also,etc.1317Sep 8
purple reign/evil reign by joe 666 new king/ewef nwo solent green n nugs,yum.371Sep 9
china take down that wall n free the muslims/racist wall.561Sep 7
the great global resist gods law621Sep 7
farmers no help none for black farmers no money yet/be like iran game/revolt3176Sep 6
china india africa,no carbon b/s tax,hm.1186Aug 18

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