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UN says usa needs 123 million more illegals on top of the 123 million we have/wtf!16122Dec 11
the russia hoax to overthrow trump n legit govt.for the UN/NWO!1106 hrs ago
if commie countrys are better why are illegals n refugees coming to the usa?31411 hrs ago
firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.1,07480Nov 17
pres.IKE warned usa n JFK on military industrial complex!608Dec 12
climate change due to influx of illegals in the usa/new study.40230Dec 6
dems trump hired illegals lets e-varify n deport em all i say!865Dec 7
judical watch tom fitton says no justice on killarys email scandal/wow!301Dec 7
usa trade war v.NWO n deep state39625Jul 9
is trump close to dropping the hammer on dems n rinos after jan.1st.19622Dec 2
killary n kerry stop illegals in the EU it ruined the EU,hm.but not here/why?533Nov 28
DC has sold the usa for 60 million illegals n 20 million radical muslim off our SOC.SECURITY!61932Jun 8
dems n rinos plan to derail trump is in full motion his fmr.attys.takes guilty plea!10114Nov 29
top 3 terrorist arab nations.2,904205Feb 25
obozo says his admin.was scandal free i say a crime spree!its your vote usa.632Nov 29
mad max waters i will clean up elite bankers,lol.21524Nov 20
who gets by w/ murder in the usa on murder n crimes.acting AG gets a hatchet job on funds!12315Nov 24
canada give up your guns plz.1,19663Jul 23
say hello to the 3rd world soon USA EU.20912Jul 1
civil war soon here.1,54296Jun 22
albert pike.1,43954May 2017
usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs1,69490Apr 5
ZTE china scams on the usa.37417Jun 4
FBI/FIB cant stop shooters but they want ur guns n they want to take down trump!23213Apr 12
video killed the radio star.1,408189Jul 16
new word on the week.963111Jul 18
did you like david allen coes XXX rated old album?1,174161Jun 29
spit or swallow?1,45195Jul 13
atty.gen.sessions/deep state must go,jan.3rd.2,13020Dec 2017
freakin at the freakers ball dr.hooks old song would u join in?17410Jul 2
why are MS 13 n illegals still here illegal is still illegal time to deport em mr.trump.89340Mar 30
CS is like FB taking threads n cant get into old threads/bye.1,70461Apr 12
HIDRA/UN plan.98867May 31
islam peaceful.3,559106May 2017
who wins killary n the vampire deep state or trump.42610Apr 18
if you had ED would you?4,980196Sep 2013
deep state!71228Dec 2017
bomb syria n not south africas leaders?!1874Apr 10
the pelican scandal68334Jun 2
JFK/RFK the men who killed them,a tall tale.43123May 28

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