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Alcohol Abuse Quiz
Alcohol Abuse Quiz
Are you abusing alcohol? Are you on your way to become an alcoholic? The quiz will give you an indic...
Most Views:1,356
Most Comments:1
Most Taken:53
Create Date:Mar 2016
Last Comment Date:Feb 10
Last Viewed Date:15 hrs ago
How Sexually Corrupt Are You
How Sexually Corrupt Are You?
Most people have their little indiscretions from time to time. Some more often than others. When it...
Most Views:1,927
Most Comments:9
Most Taken:81
Create Date:May 2015
Last Comment Date:Feb 12
Last Viewed Date:Nov 9
Are You Ready For Marriage
Are You Ready For Marriage?
Getting married is a big step and need proper thinking and planning. Love alone is seldom enough to...
Most Views:2,011
Most Comments:1
Most Taken:93
Create Date:Jan 2014
Last Comment Date:Nov 2015
Last Viewed Date:Nov 13
Tools Their names and their applications
Tools - Their names and their applications
Do you know the English names for various tools? Even more so – do you know when to use what tool? I...
Most Views:2,748
Most Comments:10
Most Taken:113
Create Date:Mar 2013
Last Comment Date:Jan 14
Last Viewed Date:Nov 13
African Capital Cities
African Capital Cities
Planning to visit Africa. Well, here is a chance to see if you can find your way in Africa....
Most Views:1,538
Most Comments:5
Most Taken:37
Create Date:Mar 2013
Last Comment Date:Nov 2015
Last Viewed Date:Nov 4
African Currencies
African Currencies
Most countries in Africa have their own currencies. Some sound like that of their colonial masters w...
Most Views:1,437
Most Comments:6
Most Taken:14
Create Date:Mar 2013
Last Comment Date:Jul 2015
Last Viewed Date:Nov 12
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