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RE: What do you think of my profile?

Too many selfies, ask a friend of yours to take good photos of you in various situations.

RE: ah

You would increase your chances of finding a suitable partner if you use a website with a larger market share in Germany.

RE: Just wanted to say "hello"

The age range you are seeking is quite narrow, you may increase your chances by increasing it a little.

You could add some more photos, taken by a friend of yours in various settings to show more aspects of your personality.

RE: Helloooo :)

You are still very young. You would have better chances to meet someone compatible by going to places where people of your age and similar interests and values meet and then let the magic happen.

RE: Hey ladies think I should change anything

It looks like shirtless men get more replies and reviews than men wearing shirts.

RE: Hi, World!

You could increase your chances by extending your self summary and looking for section. Show what differentiates you from all the women who have a profile on this site. You could give an idea of activities you would like to share with your future husband.

Avoid saying that you are new to this site or online dating in general, it tends to attract scammers even faster.

You could also read the reviews given to other women of your age to get an idea of what men are looking for.

Forums are free on this site and can be a good way to find someone, showing some opinion on various topics and also see how they deal with people whose views differ from their own.

RE: like me or not up to u..

The first question that comes to many minds by reading your profile is: Are you really in Cyprus?

You should expand your profile to provide more information about yourself and put something that will make you stand out of a crowd of identical profiles.

RE: any thing missing from my profile...?

Are you really looking for a woman of any age between 18 and 99?

You should expand both the self summary and the looking for section. They give almost no information to the women who read your profile.

RE: We are made of star stuff.....

You should consider asking a friend of yours to take some photos of you in various settings and use the best shots to replace your current ones. Nowadays it is relatively easy with a good digital camera.

You march to your own drum, would you expect your future husband to follow your drum or would you be ready to follow his drum?

RE: where ?

A few men have already rated your pictures highly. You can initiate the contact and write them an email, maybe one of them will be the one.

RE: how to make someone speaking back to you

The best thing is to read their profile and tailor a post based on what they tell there. Spend more time writing quality messages. You could check which profile photos get the highest ratings and discard the others. You may consider switching to a site with a larger market share in your region. The forums and the blogs can be a good place to show some personality and meet people.

RE: My profile

There are already a few men who rated your profile picture with 8 or better. If they are the men you want to attract, keep them. Otherwise you may consider asking a friend of yours to take some nice photos of you in various settings and use those instead of the selfies.

RE: am i in the right place to find my happily ever after???

This site does not have many users, if there are too few relevant men in your area of search, you are unlikely to find someone. Otherwise find a site with a larger market share for your demographics (region, age range and lifestyle).

The good thing is that it is a free site and lets you experiment, get used to the reality of online dating.

You could use the forums as a good way to know people, by reading their posts, you will be able to discern the men that could be compatible with your vision.

RE: I am thinking I may need to swap teams

You could expand both the self summary and the looking for section, for example what do you call an intelligent conversation, as the definition may vary from person to person.

If there are not many relevant matches on this site you may swap site, maybe one with a higher market share in your region.

The forums can be a good place to meet people instead of simply looking at the profiles, their posts can reveal much more about their way of treating others or their opinions about matters important to you.

RE: looking to meet someone honest kind caring no time waster please

You could expand your "about me" and "looking for" sections in order to show more of your personality and give a clearer impression of what kind of relationships you are looking for, You should also decide whether you want to attract men in their 30s or in their 70s.

You have rating enabled on your photos, to know whether they are good or only ok, check them in a few days, see who rated them highly and decide whether they are the kind of men you wish to attract. You will also see a split of ratings by age group, this is a usuful feature.

RE: Seeking opinions... What am I missing?

Usually many views with few messages is a sign that your pictures are attractive but that after reading your profile they found out that they were not interested. It could be the distance as long distance relationships require more dedication and leave room for more uncertainities that closer relationships for which a face to face meeting could be arrange on a short notice and with less logistical hassle.

If you receive too many irrelevant messages, you can filter them out by age, marital status or geographic location, go to Mailbox -> Blocking -> Mail Settings

The last part of your "looking for" section can be removed from your profile, it will not prevent you receiving those messages and can put off the serious men. You can keep "you are a nice man ... and fun loving", maybe adding your willingness to relocate using positive words.

RE: New to Online.. Tips welcome

You could add a few pictures of yourself, ask a friend to take some shots and select the best ones.

Your summary and looking for sections are both quite short, you may expand them to make your profile stand out from the mass.

RE: hi everyone x

To attract honest men you should put real pictures of yourself and not of some local late night television celebrity.

RE: France SVP

You should use the search pane of this site and select France as country. There are French women using this site. Though if your search settings are too restrictive none may be shown by the search.


Putting a few pictures of yourself will increase your chances of being contacted, photos are the first thing seen before we read profiles.

You should expand the 'About me' and 'Looking for' section to make your story more interesting and have more specificities about your match, in order to give some conversation starters.

RE: i am new

You are still young, you will have better chance to find someone by going to places where young people meet, expand your social circles. And maybe putting a real and recent photo of yourself could help. Is your real name satish?

RE: Pls check me out

As you are using the photo of a model you are probably a dishonest person.

RE: Mind to review my profile?~

You could try some Christian dating site as religion is very important for you. At your age you are more likely to find someone at places where young people meet

RE: Help! I'm clueless on dating profiles

Do not say that you are clueless, you should show more confidence.

RE: Looking for a faithful attractive man to settle down with no drama or games

You are still really young. Men in your age are more likely to find their partner offline, in places where young people meet. Or you could try a dating site with more market share in your region.

RE: Hello again

Avoid selfies and ask a friend to take photos of you in various settings and then select the best ones. Your first two pictures are identical, therefore one is redundant. The last photo is blurried.

You claim to have no children, when I see children in a photo I assume they are the person's children, and do not take then time to read the description. Besides, you should be careful with pictures of children, they can be misused, do you have a written consent of their parents to use their children's photos to attract men's attention?

In your about me section it is better to focus on the positive, talk about what you like and not mention dislikes.

You could expand your looking for section to write an invitation and describe common activities you could enjoy with your future husband.

RE: My photos

Most of your photos have rating above 7 and one even reaches 9.25 which is quite good. You cannot expect to receive 10 for each picture.

RE: Please advise me accordingly

Ask a friend of yours to take good pictures of yourself and select the best ones.

Talk to the men you want to attract, not to the ones you do not want to attract.

RE: foxy

Do not say that you are new, it will attractz scammers.

Try to have more diverse pictures, ask a friend of yours to take them, find some activity you would like to share with your future husband.

RE: Am I being too picky about what I'm looking for.

If the men you are contacting you, are the ones you wish to attract it is fine.

Otherwise reflect upon the effect your profile text may make on men you are looking for a serious relationship.

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