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'Last Of The Summer Wine' Puzzle

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England.

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Nice one Graham.....thumbs up
Thanks FBF, I'm glad someone appreciates it!bouquet
looks like as from fairy tale daydream
Your pictures are lovely Grahamapplause applause
Well Fiona, I guess ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’ could be described as a fairy tale… an extremely long running, delightful and successful one, I loved it


Thanks for the really kind comment FBF, you’re too generous!hug
blushing blushing blushing
Very picturesque. thumbs up
Thats me...I'm generous..You should get out and about more often with that camera,there's lot of History in Yorkshire...
Hey! Have you looked next door,right up your street....A castle,no wowapplause applause wine hug
Miss Cellaneous,Graham likes to play with the colour schemes on here...maybe you've noticed...laugh laugh wine thumbs up
Next door but one village to where I grew up... nice to see it here. Makes me think of my childhood.... I grew up in Denby Dale, home of the giant pies, will try and find a picture of one!
How interesting,that would be nice....I've hi-jacked Graham's post...rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up
What do you mean FBF…? I like to play with the colour schemes?
That’s an exaggeration surely!
typing doh help

I have the camera with me most days but I don’t get very far at the moment, there’s still lots of photos in the archive!

Yes, Miss_C’s castle was unusual and interesting, parallels with the Rock Of Gibraltar possibly and perhaps Dover.
The ‘rock’ also brought to mind the delightfully situated Lindisfarne castle.

Embedded image from another site

wine thumbs up hug
hijack hijack

Smartgirl's beaten you to it... she's already eaten the pie!barf
Lindisfarne Castle Excellent!!...Liked your multi-coloured effort....But how are you getting that light blue???laugh wine
Yes I am the pie bandit! I love your photos and puzzles. Oh I wish could live in England and run over the hills like a maniac!sigh
Thank you Smartgirl, no nice hills in Indiana? elephant

FBF…the light blue is just ‘BLUE’, 12th.down on the colour selection list.teddy

thumbs up wine hug
You are welcome Indoreman!bouquet And there are not many nice green hills in Indiana. I would need to go Kentucky or Tennessee. But I somehow picture myself in England or maybe even Ireland running through the hills while my cab driver sits and waits for me to finish running.rolling on the floor laughing
Sounds like an expensive cab ride Smartgirl!....
thank you for rating all my photos

hug bouquet

I'll see if I can scan in some hill photos for you soon!
roll eyes
You are quite welcome and don't feel that you have to go out of your way for me to post photos of hills. But England is what I think about the most.blushing
last of the summer wine loved the programme and this building is great enjoyed doing this puzzle.
Hi Titch, Thank you for your comment.
Yes it was a great programme, really relaxing escapism; I wish they’d continued with it.
The church pictured is a short walk from the centre of Holmfirth up one of the steep hillsides that this delightful,
picturesque milltown nestles in.
The actor who played ‘Compo’, the late Bill Owen is buried in the churchyard.

Embedded image from another site

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