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I cant, for the life of me, put measurement to this! I try, lord have i tried. Everytime i write it down, follow the directions, it comes out wrong! I have no idea what it is. I will do my best to tell you.

in a bulb of garlic, twice the diameter of a golf ball, remove two to three cloves of the outer, most ripe, largest cloves. Two if theyre exceptionally large. Three if theyre a little bit smaller. With the skin on, chop the part off which connects with the bulb. Laying a chefs knife broad side on top of the garlic, blade angled down slightly. Strike the blade with the heel of your hand. To crush the garlic flat. Use a meat hammer or a rolling pin if you are un sure. Practice before you strike on how it will work. Then remove the skin. Always crush your garlic. It will release an oil that doesnt show when you just mince. It makes for a milder, more rich flavor. Toss your crushed garlic in the food processor. With a sweet onion about the size of a baseball, quarter it up and throw that in the food processor too.
red sauce


In the food processor, with your crushed garlic and sweet onion, you will add the grated parmesan. I cant tell you how much. Somewhere between 4tbsp an 1/4c, maybe 1/3. 1/2 is way too much. The best i could do is to explain the fresh, rich, beautiful notes of the tomato. Fruity. Happy. Very much alive with rich flavor. Theres no salt in this recipe. All of the base flavor that salt gives is contingent on the other ingredients. A large one is the parmesan. If it is especially sharp, you will use less. You dont want to over power, just lighty accent the flavor of the tomato. Add a little bit of a base flavor to help ground out the tomato, anchor it.

I cant tell you how much of any spices. Somewhere between one and three tblsp of basil. Freeze dried if you want. I dont know how much fresh. The basil will add a new flavor that will coincide beautifully with the robust flavor of the tomato. They will run togather, not complete strangers. But definitely unique in their own right. The oregano is the opposite. Only 1/2 or 1/3 as much oregano as basil. The oregano will be crying for lemon, the tomato doesn't deliver the acidity. The oregano will be angry, and be searching for vengeance. Delivering notes of ancestors past. You dont want too much. It will be crying for more and more, until the red sauce is ruined. Just a hint, a whisper of fennel. You could count the seeds on fingers of both hands. About four times the volume of fennel, add in crushed red pepper. I have no idea how to explain the black pepper. I crush mine with a meat hammer to ensure a variety of size in granules. Savory, adds to the salt and pepper, and every other flavor this side of the fruity flavors. Probably about twice the amount of savory as black pepper


Sugar.. You have room for error on. About half as much sugar as parmesan. Pour in tomato juice. Just a little bit. From concentrate. Only 5.5oz. Then, let it whizz! Run the processor until pink. The parmesan will look like the snow in the sky in the middle of winter. The black specs from the black pepper will definitely be recognizable. Then add the tomato puree.

I have gone the route of milling every kind of tomato. Raw. Skinned and seeded. With or without the juice from the tomato. And, for the effort.. If you can find a really good puree is the way to go. All natural. Nothing added. DO NOT USE HUNT'S. Pour the puree in the processor. Run it until well incorporated. Add a "shot" (not a shot glass) of sweet marsala wine. Cheap kind will work. If you cant get SWEET MARSALA wine, it will be fine without it. DO NOT substitute for any other wine. With your thumb covering most of the bottle mouth, aggressively tip or jam the bottle to spill wine for a fraction of a second. You can practice in the sink if you want. Youll probably end up with in the neighborhood of 1/2 to 1tblsp. When that is done in the processor, and you take off the lid.. The scent will permeate you nasal passages with a rich smell, unlike anything on earth. The tomato will sing a deep note that is not unlike a male choir singin in a basilica. Beautiful in all of its glory. Robust and fruity. The garlic will dance with the scent of tomato. And the wine. Not too much. Just enough. It is easy to over do it on the wine.


what you need:

Food processor
Chefs knife
Meat hammer
Tomato puree 15oz
Tomato juice (from concentrate)5.5oz
Sweet onion
Fennel seed
Crushed red pepper
Black peppercorns
*savory and the sweet marsala wine optional*
Do not cook separately or additionally. It is ready to use as is. You can cook it when it goes on your pizza linguine ect. I'm sayin that once its finished, its ready.

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Number of Servings: 1
Yield: 2Lg pizzas, or 4 servings of pasta
Style: European, Italian

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Beautiful, and if I may make a suggestion, for yellow sauce simply substitute the tomatoes
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