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Thank you kindly

Thank you kindly

Thank you kindly...

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Neil Young Words Between the Lines of Age

Neil Young --- Words (Between the Lines of Age)


Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Watching the night skies .... always hoping to see the Northern Lights This is as close as I'm gonna' get for now [/co...

Niagra Falls Dewatered 1969

Niagra Falls - Dewatered 1969

In 1969 Niagara's American Falls were dewatered for inspection and repair....

Thor Thunder On The Tundra

Thor - Thunder On The Tundra

oh so good memories......

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How Do They Manage Itonline today!

How Do They Manage It?

I’m very fond of sardines and the other day I bough a few cans of very cheap sardines for R7.00 (about US$ 0.47) per can. Back home I notice...

Bruce Parrys Arctic tv series

Bruce Parry's "Arctic" (tv series)

What an amazing series this has been! Bruce Parry's boundless enthusiasm for everything he does and his unassuming presence whi...

I thought you might like to know

I thought you might like to know

The workers at the Canadian Post Office are on strike. Thus, if you are planning to send something to our neighbors in the far north, don't try t...

Warning Watch out for Canadian street gangs

Warning ! Watch out for Canadian street gangs !!

They don't just take your lunch money, they m...

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