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The lighthouse knows that the light it carries is expected and those in the dark are looking for it...



Never give up,there is always hope...

hope in your heart always

hope in your heart always

believe in yourself an all that you are, with hope in your heart you will always go far. xoxoxo...




you inspire my every thought and action

you inspire my every thought and action

Inspiration, devotion, commitment, joy, fulfillment. These are the words that come to mind when I think of you......

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Adele Someone like you

Adele - Someone like you

This song seems a bit sad and is no doubt bittersweet, but for me its hopeful. I think that many of us have lost a love we wish we had not. However t...

Dream of the Holy Ones

Dream of the Holy Ones

I came upon 'Dream of the Holy Ones' and found the song, music and images both beautiful and moving. I hope there's something in this that captures yo...

Free Hugs

Free Hugs

This video always makes me feel happy and hopeful. Everyone needs a HUG now and then....

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The ASPCA Another poem

The ASPCA: Another poem

Well I have one shot left. I'm bound to be saved now It's got to work out It just has to. The doors open Time to do or die Mommy mommy...

Home Aint Always Sweet Home

Home "Ain't Always Sweet" Home

Earlier, I read a post about an Irish man returning to Ireland and finding it in a state of utter complancency and disappointment. I wanted to simply...

Just dont look Read

Just don't look (Read)

I would have to say there are many of us that seem to look at a profile and go from there, I like to read what the person says, it gives me a sense of...

really lost

really lost

I have had many relationships during my 22 years of life. But I am single. Women like me and I like women..but thats only at the level of social inter...

And God speaks to you Page four

And God speaks to you (Page four)

This is And God speaks to you (Page four) This page is hope for you: I write it here nor eimal my darling I love you so much because you are...

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