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My E-CAR D !!...

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Blue Devil vs Blue Angel

'Blue Devil vs. Blue Angel'

A flat out race to the end of the runway between a $117,000 Corvette ZR-1 and a Boeing F-18 'Hornet!' I wonder which one will win?...

The Jaguar XKR Convertible

'The Jaguar XKR Convertible'

This car is beautiful, expensive, and let me not forget....FAST! Jag has always been foremost in the racing world for is attention to design, engineer...

2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

A 200 MPH Mustang...Yes it is possible! Testing the New horse gives a top speed of '196 MPH' so why quibble over 4 little mph. That kind of power 662h...

Cadillacs New ATS

Cadillac's New 'ATS'

Caddy's new 'entry' level luxo/sport machine is here and ready to tear up the roads! Built to take aim at the seemingly unbeatable BMW 3 Series we'll...

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Some peopleonline today!

Some people !

About an hour ago I headed out to a local fruit & vegetable market to get some fresh fruit & veggies. On the way there, I'm travelling s...

Tire d of I 95 take 301online today!

Tire....d of I-95, take 301.

I am back home in New Jersey (NJ). Now my 'batteries' are recharged, after a nice long sleep. Ahhhh. I rolled into my drivew...

Timing can be everythingonline today!

Timing can be everything !

For those who enjoy humor and might be tired of the same 20 jokes over & over, I wanted to share this one with you, which you may not have heard bef...

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