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Election 2012

'Election 2012'

In reply to the 'fantasy world' they both presented. With hope that they both wake up to the real world considered the magnitude of the job they both...

Monsanto Patent for a Pig Pt 3 of 5

Monsanto Patent for a Pig (Pt.3 of 5)


A few Thoughts

A few Thoughts

A few thoughts notions in a voyage of exploration through the medium of paint! at the thoughts...

Monsanto Patent for a Pig Pt 2 of 5

Monsanto Patent for a Pig (Pt.2 of 5)


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An Eye For An Eye

An Eye For An Eye

I don’t believe that somebody who willfully deprived another person of his life, deserves to live. I’m not talking about killing somebody in self def...

President Trump hates thugs But whos really the true thug on this earth

President Trump hates thugs? But, who's really the true thug on this earth?

President Trump to police on handling suspected criminals: "Please don't be too nice" when handling "these thugs." Who are these thugs, he's specifica...

I am beyond ANGRYonline today!

I am beyond ANGRY !!

Earlier today I slammed down the phone. No, I didn't do this in a person's ear. Although, I would probably be tempted to do so,...

The Obama Addiction

“The Obama Addiction”

What in the hell is “the Obama Addiction!?” It is when a celebrity obsessed-media society is addicted to our new president, Barack Obama. They r...



WATCH :- www.rsr2013.blogspot.com, rsridhar-rsridhar.blogspot.com, myopera.com/rsr123, flickr.com/rsridhar2010, mysmsindia.com/9940141622, mycantos.co...

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