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action ownership

"action ownership"!

underlying causes for most of our actions, if not all, can't be traced back to our intentions ! cause depends either on external factors like existing...

emotions could be deceptive

"emotions could be deceptive"

i simply rejected the idea then, thinking "what is life without being emotional" ? i was cautioned about cost of being so. i was willing to pay the co...

Lost Promise Song

Lost Promise-Song

Ever have someone in your life you love beyond all reason and doubt not just because you're related, but because you're just that close, and when they...

The Telltales Of A Liar

The Telltales Of A Liar.

I was brought up to see the good in people and as a result, I have been deceived and lied to more than often. I was always prepared to believe a perso...

Hungry or h*rnyonline now!

Hungry or h*rny

A female friend of mine, Cindy, who recently broke up with her boyfriend stated that she, "thinks men only have two emotions; hungry or h*rny"...

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