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Crackpot Correspondents

Crackpot Correspondents

I correspond with a few CS members around the globe. Nothing romantic, just about everyday events, likes and dislikes. This normally last until the conversation dries up. When I lose a correspondent, I don’t worry, for another will surface soon enoug...

Profiles Tell Us Nothing

Profiles Tell Us Nothing!

I seldom bother to look at profiles because it is often just a mixture of who people think they are and what they want other to believe. On the other hand, what you commit in writing in the blogs, forums, etc reveals your soul. It strips yo...

Womanor Man

Woman…or Man?

Ok, so, as most of you do, I search CS for my matches. Interestingly some people seem confused as to their gender. These people seem "real", not scammers, because the profile and picture are quite unique. About three pictures of guys have been ret...

Just a few words of advice

Just a few words of advice...

...for people who write absurdities on their profile and for CS new users too. I thought about writing this after I went thru'this lady's page which began with:"Hello everything..."Which made me laugh. Hello everything?!? Come on! For buck's...

Hot profiles VS Cool Profiles

Hot profiles VS Cool Profiles!

Hot & cool! Two rampant words! I don’t know exactly the meanings of the two words!! About hot, I think it is related to Freudian libido or what we have in Mythology about Eros or Cupid. Of course, these gods are gods of both love & sex. Their colour...

Foolish Profiles

Foolish Profiles!

I see at some profiles such crazy sentences: "No virtual sex plz" "No Love-request plz; I am just a pen-pal" "No scammer plz" "No IM plz" "No reply for messages from members without photo " "No kidding plz" "No reply for tho...

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