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Crackpot Correspondents

Crackpot Correspondents

I correspond with a few CS members around the globe. Nothing romantic, just about everyday events, likes and dislikes. This normally last until the conversation dries up. When I lose a correspondent, I don’t worry, for another will surface soon enoug...

Profiles Tell Us Nothing

Profiles Tell Us Nothing!

I seldom bother to look at profiles because it is often just a mixture of who people think they are and what they want other to believe. On the other hand, what you commit in writing in the blogs, forums, etc reveals your soul. It strips yo...

Dirty Rotten Liers

Dirty Rotten Liers !

Sometimes one wonders what the heck some people on a dating site are thinking. They present themselves on their profile one way and then you meet them in person and you're like WOW who the heck are you ?? What,...

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