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The Distance Between Your Dreams, To Your Ultimate Reality, Are Only Achieved By Your Actions Now!...



Choices, Choices, Choices.. The Most Challenging Decision In Life, Is Choosing Which Nurturing Bridge To Cross, Or Which Disruptive Bridge To Bu...

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Good Attitude Quotes

Good Attitude Quotes

Good Attitude Quotes...

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Hey Hey the blues is alright

"Hey, Hey, the blues is alright."

Sadness is a natural initial response to loss. Whether it is the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, the loss of a limb, the loss of a game,...

Good things come to those

"Good things come to those...

...who wait." ??? Recently, a blog on here was posted by a very nice gentleman , who is collecting sayings for a book. One sayin...

how much of it

"how much of it ?"

scientific research indicates correlation between testosterone (male sex harmone) levels in men's body and their risk taking behaviour! which means th...

How I stay positive

How I stay positive

Very recently, I was again inspired to attempt to help. A question was posed, how does one stay positive after experiencing failure, especially rep...

7 Secrets of success

7 Secrets of success....

7 Secrets of success.... I found the answers in my room. Roof said : Aim high. Fan said: Be cool Clock said: Every minute is precious. Mi...

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