Commitment: Ten Issues

Some major topics girls and guys have to deal with prior to becoming a couple.


True age is just a number. However many individuals are scared of relating to others several years their senior or junior.


Many romances are doomed because of geographical separation. Passports, visas, money issues, and family ties keep modern day Romeos and Juliets permanently apart.

Working Status

Both parties may work. One party may be retired. One may work days; the other nights. Conflicting schedules only create additional pressure upon both parties.

In Laws

Some peoples' parents only respond when called upon. Other peoples' parents claim to have all the answers. A difficult road for a newly connected couple to navigate.


One party may have children. The other party may not want children. Motherhood and fatherhood is difficult to learn through on the job training.


People may accept your choice for lifetime companionship or reject him or her. Time spent with old friendships may increase, decrease, or evaporate all together.


People have things in common. Opposites may attract. Time is spent alone by each party or together. Patience and curiosity are the keys.


Communication is the key to mutual respect and understanding. When one party never wants to compromise; the other party is dominated and becomes a victim. Compromise is the key.


People keep pets to escape the pain of loneliness. Pets are like children. They require constant attention. If the love of your life is allergic to animals a problem must be settled with as little pain as possible.


People often talk about visiting foreign countries. Some people like to restrain their travel plans to local areas. Hopefully the new couple will have friends willing to sit through the latest "Vacation Highlight Presentations".

People may have numerous other issues to add to this list. The best date for a couple willing to make a commitment to each other is still a "Talking Date".

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