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Signs a guy Been Single Too Long

There is a certain luxurious freedom that comes with being single; you are free to do whatever you like, come and go as please, and you answer to no one. But indulging in that independence for too long can change a man, and usually not for the better. Bad bachelor habits can quickly become second nature and you can lose your motivation or, even worse, your edge. And like a job applicant with gaps in his resume, your periods of “liberty” raise big red flags with potential partners. Being single for too long is a downward spiral that can leave a guy sad, lonely and celibate.

You Googling old flames if any

Thanks to the internet, a quick little snapshot of just about anyone’s life can be found simply by Googling their name. So if you find yourself up late at night typing an ex-girlfriend's name into the search box, wondering what she's been up to and hoping maybe, just maybe, you guys could work out your decade-old differences, you should stop immediately and take a long, cold shower.

You consider your mother’s dating advice

It is hard-coded in a mother’s DNA to try and help their single sons find a date. Unfortunately, that usually involves her best friend’s hairdresser’s cousin who ends up being a hefty, hairy spinster with buzzing ovaries. So, relenting to mommy’s matchmaking prowess is definitely a step backward. That isn’t to say you should completely ignore this rich source of potential girlfriends.

You play too many video games

Getting your fill of video games while you are single is a good idea. When you do eventually hook up with a girl there’s a good chance your gaming days are over. But putting in endless hours of Wii antics a night is bad for your body, your brain and your chances of ever getting laid again.

You look at female friends as potential girlfriends

Complete strangers are ignoring your advances, speed dating takes too long, your computer is too slow for internet dating, so what’s left? Your friends, of course. They like you enough to hang out once in a while, so is it such a stretch to take it to the next level?

You surf mail-order bride sites just out of curiosity

Envisioning a lonely, solitary future can drive some men to take very desperate measures like ordering a bride off the internet rather than facing the prospect of cooking and cleaning for themselves forever.

You get a cat

It’s perfectly reasonable for anyone forced to go without companionship for a long stretch of time to seek friendship in a pet. But before you go running off to the pet store in search of camaraderie, there is one immutable fact you need to consider: Girls think that guys who own cats are weird.

Your dating standards plummet

It would seem that going without action for too long lets certain chemicals build up in a man’s brain. Because much like beer, the concentration can build up and soon enough the dumpy girl down at the video store or the 40-year-old cougar at your local watering hole starts to look pretty damn good.

You gush about your feelings to women

What’s another sure sign that you’ve been single for too long? You answer your female acquaintances’ small talk questions like, “How are you doing?” with long, emotional diatribes on your lonely single life. Even that cute barista making your morning coffee can be overwhelmed with deep, personal insights as you desperately search for some female compassion.

You develop bad eating habits

It takes a lot of effort to cook for one, and falling into the age-old trap of eating like a bachelor is easy. It’s also really unhealthy and kind of gross. If your cupboards are filled with food that can be cooked in less than five minutes, you’ve probably been on your own for too long.

You assume you repulse all women

When a girl walks by and smiles, most guys take it as an ego-boosting compliment. But being single for a prolonged period can start to wear on your confidence. Before you know it you start assuming these flirtatious glances are really smirks at your expense, probably aimed at your frumpy hair or bad outfit. Confidence is one of the most important things a girl looks for in a guy. Losing confidence often happens when you are out of the game for too long, and attracting anyone (let alone someone you are actually interested in) will be difficult.

beat bachelorhood
There’s nothing wrong with being single; a lot of people are perfectly happy living their whole lives without being tied down to one person. But for guys who will eventually want to settle down, revelling in single-minded for too long can take you right out of the game. Try to stay aware of how your actions and habits are being interpreted by the fairer sex and you just might be able to avoid the pitfalls of the perpetual bachelor.

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Yet another article that gives really sound insights on real life... while at the same time being said in a most entertainingly hilarious way that left me reading through it all even though I am not of the gender the article addresses...

Though some of it can be applied to the female sex too ... such as letting yourself go and then being clueless as to why no fish would bite.
I think you have summed it up really well.
Only additions would be....male or female
They have set routines daily.
Have got stubborn, won't change for love not money.
Obvious signs of neglect, men hair growth like bushy eyebrows, beards and long tails. Women roots growing out need colouring.
Men sadly struggle to remember how to chat on a one to one .
Its true.. wave
Hi Alex

Very insightful list :-)
I had two cats - great at catching mice, rats and rabbits. They were working cats.

Anyway, single men don't live as long as married men, which sounds very strange. But my guess is that single men have a poor diet and that's the reason. Mostly.
you can smell your own crotch while standing up
you pee into bottles because you cant be botherd to go to the toilet
every hot woman you see makes you want to cry

m**turbating even tho you cant even feel it anymore because you already had 6 that day

too lazy to even cook so you just eat dry bread and beans from the can
A very good "10"...

Without going into particulars, I see plenty of your points that resonate personally...
Yes, dating is not unlike job finding...
The only "cv" that really works is a current one, easier to get a job while employed than not, likewise, a large gap in the relationship cv begs the question, "whats wrong here?"...
Luckily, I really have passed on wanting to be involved in a relationship, having come to terms with who I am and what i want from life, but your comments are indeed food for thought for those in the "middle ground" and hoping there is a further shot at love or companionship...

I AGREE WITH NO. 7---desperation is a bad
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