Top 5 Reasons to Wait.. to start a family

Top 5 Reasons to Wait to start a family
Couples are waiting longer to tie the knot. In the past two decades, the average age for marriage has increased by two to three years. What does this mean for family planning? If you’re marrying in your late 20s or early 30s, you may be tempted to plan the birth of your first child as soon as possible. But before you start crocheting booties, take a few moments to consider the benefits of waiting to start a family.

Enjoying the Honeymoon.

The early years of your marriage can never be relived. Spontaneous love-making on the kitchen floor, sleeping until noon, and romantic evenings on the beach together may not have quite the same thrill once the kids finally fly the nest. Cherish your time together and let your relationship unfold gradually.

Saving Money.

If you thought the new iPod was overpriced, wait until you see your monthly diaper bill. Even if you’re both well established financially, parenthood may find you unprepared for the spike in expenses. Start a “baby fund” now and delay conception until you’ve saved up a nest egg.

Developing Routines.

Remember the scene in the fourth Indiana Jones movie where army ants decimate everything in their path? That’s what babies do to routines. If you don’t take the time now to establish collaborative routines and schedules as a married couple, you’ll find it even more challenging to organize your time once a newborn controls your schedule.

Avoiding Divorce.

According to an Australian study, one newlywed couple out of every twelve may be signing divorce papers within two years. The rate jumps to one in ten after five years. Oh, sure, divorce is something that happens to other couples. But just in case…do you really want to have that conversation with your toddler?

Taking the Long View.

Put your biological clock on snooze and get out your calculator. If you’re 30, then two years is 1/15th of your lifetime. But when you’re 50, the same number of years will be only 1/25th of your lifetime. You’re probably not going to be thinking, “Gosh, I wish we’d had our kids two years earlier so we could have gotten them off to college by now.”

If you’re still not convinced, ask yourselves: “Would we be planning to start a family this early if we were in our early twenties?” If the answer is no, you’re probably giving too much credence to pressure from friends and family. A decision to start a family is highly personal. Make the decision that’s right for you and your spouse, whether it involves booties or diaphragms.

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