cause they not ready yet to have responsibilities in life.
They can get sex without marriage more easily than in time past
They can enjoy the benefits of having a wife by cohabitating rather than marrying
They want to avoid divorce and its financial risks.
They want to wait until they are older to have chldren.
They fear that marriage will require too many changes and compromises.
They are waiting for the perfect soulmate and she hasn't appear yet.
They face few social pressures to marry.
They are reluctant to marry a woman who already has children.
They want to own a house before they get a wife.
They want to enjoy single life for as long as possible

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All of the above....
If a man loves you and wants children and a normal life hell marry you . If he hasn't proposed after 18months he's unlikely to and you're wasting your time .humans are animals who have instinct to procreate same as all animals except humans are multifaceted complicated pretty f*cked up species . So if you're a woman in your 20s want children are dating and he's not proposed after 18 months ditch him get a man who does want marriage because marriage is still the best institution in which to raise children. All statistics bear this out . Children from one parent homes do worse in life full stop... .that applies to single parent after divorce too . Children are too important to f*ck up their lives but if you yourself are product of broken home dysfunctional life then you will continue to spread the mayhem . Since the 60s and the s*xual revolution ie the contraceptive pill it's been downhill all the way for family life and children with rising crime drug addiction other addictions all on the rise and now a world wide epidemic of mental health problems that never existed before. What a surprise so many young people feel anxiety despair and blame the older generation . They're right we messed up big time many young people have lost faith in the ideal of love and marriage . It still exists it can be happy fulfilling and at the end of life no matter what you do in between unless you're a complete narcissist then you look at your grown children and know that your life had real meaning and you achieved one worthwhile thing . Raising children is the most important job in the world taken too lightly too often by too many . So yes marriage matters it's an institution designed to protect the rights of women and children primarily because many men are pretty basic animals who's thinking is done not in their brain but in their balls . So women be wise don't put up with shit . If you do you'll get endless amounts of it thrown your way and if you stop taking shit don't worry there's another foolish woman ready to step into your shoes ready to tolerate even more shit . Put simply .be a strong woman it's your duty to yourself but especially to your children. As for men it's still a male dominated world and it isn't ever going to change but who cares . Do I want to be Joe Biden or Donald trump in a few years time ??? That's men for you .how do their wives put up with them .not for all the designer dresses til kingdom come could I tolerate a man like them and there's plenty like them and those that haven't got there yet or never will still admire these two brainless geriatrics. Oh Lord.
If the union we call marriage really is a contract, then NOBODY is actually married, because there was fraud in the inducement. The fraud being non-full disclosure by the State, that nobody was told the State would be a "silent" third party to the marriage! That is how the State can take the children away with no proof of wrong doing by either parent, they get money each time they steal a child away from its parents. But if you look up the definition of fraud in any law dictionary, and apply that knowledge to the allegation that there is a contract in a State sanctioned marriage, you can easily see that there is no marriage!! Tell THAT to a divorce LIEyer sometime, and watch them squirm back and forth as they try to rebut the truth!! If there really is some amount of fraud that men and women have the right to commit, how is it measured out so we get the prescribed amount each time?? If we do not have the right to commit fraud, then we also have no obligation to endure fraud either, right??
Marriage is one of the biggest frauds, con jobs and swindles ever concocted. The legal facts prove it to be so. Case closed.
Points 3 and 8 apply to me : )

Don't know about the rest of it, Getting laid was as easy in high school as it is now 30 years later.
I'm divorced twice no children. I now have a girlfriend I love to pieces,but I will never marry her.Plus her whole family is huge very fat people, and I told her if she ever gets like her family she's got to go . So I think this keeps her on her toes and attractive for me.
It's not that men don't you want a good woman in their life it's that the women are like our grandmothers. Marriage is no longer necessary because of the men are so liberal and so independent that there's no point in marriage these days. For lemon don't eat take care of and marriage is nothing but a government contract that is a bad deal for men in the end of things. It's just not financially attractive for men anymore. To lose everything worked your whole life for having to pay for kids that you never can see . It's just not a good Deal for us.its all for the woman.
I know allot of guys dont want to hear this but its a human fact that the "man meat" is not promised to stay the same forever so get you someone who will love you through soft times because women are not waiting around anymore for leftovers! Just a thought scold scold scold
All of the above!
i will say i have met a good one lately
It would be nice if some guys didnt give us such negative experiences with them.
For once i would like to see allot of guys who play games man up and appreciate good women because if not one day their going to look back when they are older and alone and realize how much they screwed up and regret itscold
If I marry a thai in Denmark I would loose half of my pension and salary.
Who can afford that - no place to stay, cos I cannot pay my rent and bills so.
marriage like the religion that is in the same shit house, no one need to be control by disguised nuns and clown priest / just have a look at the sins list of nearly 700 /

if the priest ask to jump to your death would you???
statistic: one most look at all unfaithful cost of the business of marriage
They don't want commitment with one woman, simple.
wow serious, this fella is wanting to get married, and find that its the women who are doing the things you posted about men
Who said that all women want to get married and, men don't?. I think the real question is, what are the reasons you want to get married?.
Marry is for men not for boys, so you are simply talking about old boys who will never grow until their graves. They go Dutch all their lives. Many of them will fool themselves thinking they are fooling women until it backfires on them, no younger woman for them, no older woman either, they die like a lonely chicken, no wife and children that will miss them. Go to Holland and see how many of them.
From a man’s point of view... Many men lately within the last 10 years wouldn't like to take major responsibilities and marriage is one of them.
Marriage is an institution by God. No doubt any thing by or from God is good and beneficial. The problem we have is these life of independence from God. For sure one can not get the best of a machine if he or she ignores the manufacturer,s instructions on the use of that machine. So if we follow God,s instructions as stated in the Bible, whether have or no have,race or no race,color or no color, marriage can be something long for.
Because they dont know whats best for them yet And fear The unknown
I want merry :( but girls don't like me :/ sad truth is my country girls just want millionare guys :/ sad flower
I thought so
They fear that marriage will require too many changes and compromises. They are waiting for the perfect soulmate and she hasn't appear yet.

That is right as i see, my opinion is:- it depends on the the education by both man and woman.

It is real nice to changing opinions regarding the social relation between the people.

Thank you
In world 90persent of woman, love money only and drama of love with men.

In India wife will forgot her husband after child birth and all love transfer to her child, husband to work like a donkey and supply to money to his wife and child up to the end of life.
to be fair here ive never been married nor do i ever want marriage a long engagement yes but one piece of paper that costs thousands no. i honestly dont see the point on spending thousands for one day when we could own a home or have a family holiday. im not sure what the rules are in other countrys but here in nz after two years of being together they get half ur stuff anyways. marriage is so old these days and seriously how many couples actually stay together for 50 years. without cheating.
i think you did a very good job
Youre totally wrong.i met so many time wasters and after a while they come back!
Worst top ten list on this site....... Crazy woman
I want to marry with someone but dosent got woman yet,plz hlp me
most men want to get married but finding a woman that wants more than a free ride is hard
Marriage is a scam. It is nothing more than a legal way for a woman to steal everything I have worked for.
i would marry, but since money is not the main reason why people try get together nowadays, why there aren't many women out there willing to marry under a prenuptial-agreement? i mean if its really love that circulates between the married couple, reassuring the safety of one's own wealth and properties shouldn't endangered the marriage right?
The original poster was right on the money. Personally i am divorced with no kids. If i were to get married again the person would have to have some assets and good credit. I have assets and good credit. I am not rescuing someone from their bad decisions. I am in no hurry.
My thinking:if men fresh milk can get easily so who dont need cow in home Permanent
Marriage is like the Ebola Virus waiting to suck you dry.
Marriage is like the Ebola Virus waiting to suck you dry.
I would like to have a serious relationship with a girl, but she has to be compatible...she likes some of my interests, I like some of hers too, we find that out by chatting first, see how things go, if going great, start up as friends, progress to boyfriend-girlfriend, then go the next stage fiancée, then the final stage-marriage.

First need one important ingredient, a girl, which at the moment is hard to find.

In effect, then none of the 10 things on that list would be unnecessary if things work out the way it should.

As for me, I would love to have a serious relationship eventually, then hope it could lead to marriage.
maybe because they are worried about getting hurt or

just feel insecure due to bad relationships angel





most men do want to get married but most of the women out there just want porn star type of guys with lots of money. they say they want love but most of the time they are not honest about it
I came home from work to find my wife now ex wife in bed with my now ex best friend.
We separated and divorced, which was rather messy.
I was hurt very badly.
I am now in a happy relationship.
We live as if we WERE married.
We have financial equality, and are old and mature enough to take responsibilities for our actions.
We both see no need for marriage.
thumbs up number 6...i'll wait for eternity..never settle for less.
You seem to have overlooked the number one reason. Most men simply want to remain children for as long as possible - marriage is just a too grown up concept!
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