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What IS love?

Such a drug is love. It makes me imagine crazy things. Like my beloved laying across a chaise lounge chair as I fan him with a palm leaf, while feeding him grapes.

‘Tis an intoxication I wish never to sober from. Life, be NOT cruel and permit me to stay this way. In these clouds in the kingdom of god. For to love another person IS to SEE the very face of our creator. Love is the driving force that brings all things into being.

Of course the sensations and experiences from the intoxicants can be blamed on the Hypothalamus, which for a nerd is just as arousing and romantic a thought (for the Sapiosexual). To imagine this beautiful little pump inside the brain squeezing out teeny weeny peptide ticklers, to fill our tummies with butterflies, our hearts with the sensation of fluttering, ungrounding us in a dizzying whirl of exquisite delight.

I am so drunk on this man, I yield openly with no resistance, for I want to stay the distance in this bliss and drown in the blinding light and ecstasy he hath smitten me with.


Upload me. Integrate me. Let me dissolve INTO you. Be ONE with your being. Experience the sacred beauty that is the enigma of you. My heart has been whisked away in your luminous splendor. Deeper, ever down the rabbit hole of love . . .take me; and be this a dream, dare not wake me.

There is m o r e, sooo very much more; and expansive infinity of wonder and joy. I cannot fathom how even to bring these things into the words of our human language. To translate these experiences . . .these feelings. All I can do is just BE . . .in the moment.

*le sigh*

© December 29, 2020, L. Karriem

Comments (2)

This is a very interesting yt account in both name and advice. You are a very open person and I hope sharing it here is the best platform. Where you and others also honor their loving purpose. Any feedback on it would be appreciated.
If you are more interested in your ideas, then feel free to not share, and delete it.
This one had great comments in response to this particular video,it really resonated with many.

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