Mercy-Kindness paradox

The definition of mercy-kindness varies from person to person.

For meat eaters, it is different.
For vegetarians, it is different.
For vegans, it is different.
For butchers, it is different.
For politicians, it is different.
For terrorists, it is different.
For military persons, it is different.
For ordinary persons, it is different.
For different religions, it is different.
For saints, it is different.
The harshest truth of life is: "killing for living"
Everyone justifies killing in their own way.
The most common justification is: "unnecessary killing is wrong"
But the necessities are not limited, not defined. So the necessities are increasing and the killings are also increasing.

Killing can't be stopped, so a new word was coined to justify killing: "Mercy-Killing".
Killing and kindness go hand in hand.
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its as you say each to his own thinking, even euthanasia is debatable now too thats a different way of saying mercy killing teddybear
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Sometimes life becomes so painful that death seems pleasant. In this context mercy-killing can be considered.
In the matter of giving-mercy to others, we may all have different views, but in the matter of getting-mercy from others to ourselves, we are all unanimous.
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