where is everyone????

Hi.can anyone help me find a live group or forum.check out a few on this site.they seem to be pretty dead.no body on any of them please help?? Thank you.confused ::handshake:
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well that sounds a little better. Hope Miss Right, didn't get to see the last one...handshake
Didn't mean it to sound bitter.just looking live discussion and chat.any place on here you know about.handshake peace
It's ok freind. I've had a bitter moment or two myself over the years.

Best advice I'm finding around here is, fall in love with yourself. I use to think it was nonsense, now they have me questioning myself, but only because I am backed into a corner.
hang with me and be kool...rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks 4 advise Mike.just looking 4 real!live people.hey smitten you that cool up in Canada.love to get Ontario heaord its awesome there. cool ::cheers: peace
No real live people here. Maybe go down to the grocery store... Just cyber goofs in this place. But we think we're fun!dunno grin wave
Sorry if offended anyone.didn't mean like it sounded.its first time on forums.no 1 was on any where. That's what I meant by dead.it did wake you guys up thou didn't it.just having little trouble finding live forums/groups.again didn't mean to be a**$&*%.!: :
::sad_flower::cheers: angel peace
Pffft...we're all asses. That's part of the magic! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Yeah your right bout that.look what I just did talk bout putting foot in mouth.I got both in there.LOL.thanks 4 under stand.thou.gotta admit it woke you up.so how are things in Coors land.cool laugh cheers
yes, we are all a**'s, but, so i heard im the crazy b*tch..........rolling on the floor laughing
If I drive west less than 10 minutes, I'm smelling hops and barley. All is better that good! Haven't blogged with you before, share. So, hello!wave
That's okay, Smits, I've been called worse lately. Again...it's all part of the magic of CSdancing
That should have been better than good...doh
Hey Venus thanks.never blogged before.that's why.said what I said earlier.trying to find other out lets.search 4 new chat partners.see what happens.nice to find someone to chat wit.
thumbs up cool
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