when the feeling is mutual...

to you honey...

it was a nice experience knowing you and loving you...im so thankful that i found LOVE in you..we shared a lot of pain and laughter together...you were there when im in the lowest point of my life...you loved me i know...and i am happy...Being true to myself i said I LOVE YOU and i meant it with all my heart and soul...I defended you through whatever came our way...And God knows I really did love you...coz i chose to love you...with all the things that you said...being humble,being loving,being patient,being good I'll keep it with me forever...I made my last cry as i promised you last night but now i cant control the tears falling...Things would get better i know...Im just afraid that if you had a changed of heart to give me another chance as I'm begging you to give me...I wont be there anymore...for you....
You said you will always love me, thank you so much!!I will too...
and tomorrow and the next days we will only be in each other's history...I know my fault and I admit I am to blame...But have you given me the benefit of the doubt like I had given you in past...YOU and me are not perfect...we commit mistakes sometimes out of anger we say or do but only on that time has a meaning and after it all said and done we tend to forgive and forget coz we love each other...your love for me fades i know thats why you cant keep your words that you will keep me til your last breath...coz now you dont have me but still youre breathing...anyway....like everyone says...when one door closes windows will open...I just need time to mend my broken heart first so i could love the next unlucky guy lol...I am wishing you ALL THE BEST from the bottom of my heart...
Take care HONEY KO!
The next few days would be painful but i will learn from it!

Take my sweetest KISS!


I love you goodbye!!!

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oh shit, kabayan... U really made my eyes teary!
Such a big lost in our part when we love some0ne and fight for him so many times,..then it will end up like that..i felt like dying when me and my ex broke up!! I keep begging so many times, i never get tired!
Til i found myself here,found the answers here!
Now,,,hindi pa ako nadadala! Im here again...starting to build a new and pure love relationship!!
I duno where it goes..still..i'll do my best (3xmore than the past) to keep this one!!!
Dont forget , theres always a better one than the past one...coz we learned!

yes i feel like im dying too...its not easy to let go...but im trying my best coz he wants his freedom...im just missing him so much...i am thinking what he is doing right now...is he thinking of me too??every morning my tears just fell in my eyes...i dunno why...he made me feel like a real woman should feel...he took care of me...he adores me...

but like every story it has an ending...and we will end like this...sad but we need to move on...feel free...this is what he says to me...look at things in positive way...maybe there is someone better waiting for me...that i must look patiently...open my eyes and dont rush!!!

for u my honey...I mean my ex honey....

everything will be fine soon...

be patient with me if i still sometimes send u messages...

ill get over u someday!!!

tnx for sharing your life with me for almost a year...

no regrets...

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