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Author: sindellyse
Life teaches us valuable lessons, but it's up to us to try to figure it out. Most of us live with some kind of emptiness and pain, it's mostly the people who are closest to us, fathers, mothers, sons, husbands and wives, why is this? It gets to the point where we don't know who we can trust anymore, including our friends, but we forgive and move on with our simple lives, not questioning the reasons or whys, it just gets harder as the days go by. We all want and need things that we can't have or fool ourselves thinking we have everything we need, but the emptiness and pain still lives on, so we ignore it hoping it will just go away or fill that empty spot with someone who really couldn't care less what you think or say. It would be so nice to find someone who was sincere, and would tell you the truth, personally I don't think anybody can anymore,(honesty) it's a thing of the past, sure we say we care, but are we just trying to fool ourselves or just the person were telling, why bother at all, cause ya know that's what they want to hear at that time, either that or your just trying to make yourself feel better, do a good deed for someone just to make you feel good about yourself, why can't anybody just do something for someone (just because) maybe if someone could do this every day (just because) maybe people would start caring more about other people (just because) I get so frustrated watching this go on a day to day basis, it sickens my heart. I'm not a religious person, but if I was GOD, I know I would be looking down at us shaken my head in disgust. Some people try to avoid being honest with you or open up to you cause their afraid, the reason why this is, and we all know it, don't we? Example: for instance, if you were to open up to me, your heart as one human to another, that leaves you vulnerable and you know this as well as your not going to, why give this person the ammo to attack you later and crush you and your feelings, so your going to avoid the questions or make shit up, that simple, but what would it be like if we could.....wouldn't life be worth living for, don't ya think?
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