I am a very loving woman who lives life to the fullest. My life consist of a two pretty girls that take up most of my time. But I do I have a life to live even though I am a single mother.

My soul: I have a great personality. Always smiling , laughing, and just being me. I don't stress out.. Life is too short to stress out on the little things. I am often told I have a heart of gold because I do for others before I do for myself. I care about people. I am not jealous or controlling.

What am I looking for: A man that is loving, caring, outgoing and down to earth. Someone that knows what he has or wants in life. Someone that will spoil me with love and understanding. Someone that is not jealous and controlling. I don't like minds games so I would hope you are not here to play them. You treat me with respect and I will do the same.

There is a lot to get to know about me.. So if you want to know about a real woman who will treat you good.. You know what to do..

Good luck.. teddybear
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wavewish you all the best sweet14u,,goodlucck,,,a lot good guys arround here,you will find one of them girl wave
believe in yourself sweet14u, its fine to help others, but with kids your priority's change, doormat wont do, you look out for yourself, and your kids, and if somebody cant walk into your hearts, and bring some sunshine, they don't belong there, best of luck for the future.
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