its like this you want a man to be this you want him to be like that, i think you should make that man for youeself
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if you check this site ,a lot of women want's a perfect man they are crazy
we oughta give only one thing to women .... and all men know what I mean ... lol ..
Nope is not true, i think u r talking about another site coz in this one i have not seen any profile where anyone asked for a perfect man coz perfect human beings don't exist, look for ur wright match
It has been my experience that men want me to fit their idea of the perfect woman. I just want a man to be himself and allow me to be who I am.
If you do not seek perfection, you will likely end up with imperfection. Is that acceptable to you? Or would you live to long for something more?
oh women do make men hun ... For 9 months in the road..
So lets give women i little credit here .. Haa ...
About wanting perfect man, i say why not? Its just a concept, none of our parents taught us to go for the bad asses? Lol.
Its just a concept , basic concept in ones mind set.
Good day
oh gosh if only we could make him ourselfs what a happy little witch id be.. it would save me from blindly kissing so many prince charmings to relising im actually after really kissing a toad... oh lordy god these poor lips of mine are getting mighty worn .. tongue
Now let me see where you are coming from...

I'm looking for a man with......
Well educated man,
Someone I can trust'
"" down to earth,
"" who has a good direction in life,
"" Knows what they wont,
"" that's financially stable( or secured)
"" that can vegetate with me while I watch my episodes,
"" that can enjoy my gardening,
"" that has skill of cooking,
"" that he knows what I wont before I open my mouth,
"" that is not interested in sex unless it comes to my mind,
"" that will travel me to the end of the world,
"" that I can rely on,
"" that's there to make the hard decisions,
"" that I could look up to,
"" that is there to protect me,
"" that will look after me,
"" that will clean after me,
"" that will treat me like a Queen,
"" that will come and rub my back in a shower,(no strings)
"" that will take me out (no strings)
"" that will give me a massage(no strings)
"" that will tell me that he loves me (no strings)
"" that can make breakfast in bed (no strings)
"" that can hold me kiss me and feel me (without strings)

Hmmmm after all that are they worth it...hell Yeeeeessss...

grin grin cheers drinking drinking hug hug hug
There WAS only one perfect one and we all know what they did to HIM!!!
No I like ......no love men with all their imperfections ......as I have mine!!!teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear
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