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kiss Hey Sexy People,

Okay my topic today is CHEATERS!!

Why do people cheat?
Is there something missing in a relationship?
If so then why does the cheater begged and plead for his/her spouse for forgiveness?

I need to know why do Men and Women cheat!
I have been in plenty of relationships and I can HONESTLY say
I HAVE NEVER CHEATED!!!.. It doesn't make sense to work so hard to be with someone then ruin what I worked so hard for because I was lusting for someone or something else!

hug smitten

teddybear heart beating heart beating

SO you tell me CS people
How do you feel about cheaters?
Tell me your experience with cheating!
What can a person do to prevent cheating!
Or is it a disease that can't be cured!!!
Holla at me Connecting Singles!!heart beating bouquet

Nina lips lips
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They cheat because they don't have v***rator and dildos, this is my reason. I lost my dildo somewhere..have you seen it Nina? Please look in and around.
I've never cheated either but i have been cheated on several times, last time by my ex-wife of 16 years. I have no idea why some people cheat, it seems to me that the easiest part of a relationship is staying faithful.
for me the most difficult part in a relationship is to stay errected.
I would imagine that people who regularly get cheated on are relatively boring, although they probably wouldnt admit or recognise it.
your probably right i can be pretty boring i imagine .
yeah...whatever means erected for each!!!roll eyes
Hmmmmm... Cheaters...cheating...Why? How? I mean... is someone who happens to look at a pretty girl's behind when she walks by a cheater??? Or just an admirer of beauty? And would you call it a "cheat" when someone TRIES to cheat on you, or just the actual deed? And which "actual deed" would you name "cheating"? Some ppl even make lists of the movie-stars they would go to bed with if they were ever to "cheat" on their wifes/husbands...That means, the will is there... Right? Oh, I don't know...doh I guess it is a far to complicated subject dear Nina! And I've been cheated...But... I think I've cheated too...Hmmmmmm!handshake Nice blog!
i tend to be able to keep myself entertained tho .
lust, enough said.
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People cheat, either because they don't give a damn, or they're insecure and need their ego's boosted. A lot has to do with all the temptation out there too.
THANK YOU everyone 4 my commenting!
xcept 4 the a**hole about the dildo comment ... ur corny get over yourself... get on a new topic!!

Ninalips lips
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