do women really respect honesty?

i was very honest on my profile,was i to honest to find someone?did i make myself sound to bad?is honesty really the best policy?please read my profile and let me know
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hi mike wave iv just read it and over all i think its fine' you might of shot yourself just alittle in the foot but there again it depends on whos looking for what .. heart wings but whats honesty got to do with what you said dunno i think your mainly just telling it as it is... as in how you are fixed.
I think the women will come in the droves.
cattle come in droves, you might get some real cows, in your paddock, LOLrolling on the floor laughing
This fellas blatant honestly will surely cause women to stampede in his direction. I'm sure of it. That is what I'm trying to say.

Women find honest men irresistible.
yes they do but... a honest begining is a great start' but it doesnt guarantee a honest end and dont forget about the bit in the middle..
always supposing anything starts at all, but we can dream.rolling on the floor laughing
but if not... there is viagra laugh laugh tongue
Viagra was made so unattractive women could get laid.
It's a scientific fact. Indisputable.professor
i never needed it myself, im all man, but i heard some poor fellows use it, in emergency situations.
I dated a woman who thought it was hilarious that some men where going blind taking it. She said those dirty old men shouldn't be having sex if they can't get it up. It kind of made sense to me the way she said itdunno
what a load of rubbish ... men are always looking for a little help when they cant do things for themselfs' even in that department... viagra was invented for lazy men laugh tongue
pity they couldnt invent something to help them know how to use it hee-hee giggle
Personally, I'm scared to try the stuff. It sounds very addictive.
I get confused here, either by its author or by the poster above me. dunno
What is not to get? What man would not want a chronic erection?

And the "author", you mean blogger? He is confessing to how big of a looser he is.

Do these explanations I offer help clarify your confusion?
Unfortunately NO. The first thing I don't get is the similarity of the names. But what confuses me more is why you would have called your twin brother a big "looser"? I'd consider it more like a big "tighter" !
i apprecaite it and always try to be,but there are exceptions to the rule!
I am getting dizzy because of so many Mikes… hic… I used to love one honest (I hope) and special Mike but his profile is not here anymore sad

Your profile seems honest but I guess I am still in love with my Mike daydream

Bye, wave

crazy grin
Hello mike ..your profile appears to be an honest one ..but a picture would give greater credibility. I respect your honesty and do hope that things improve for you..been there in my life
i have no fear of honesty, i lie truthfully, therefore in truth, i never lie.innocent innocent
Yes They do respect to the Honesty.Good Luck to You...
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