RE: Why Men Are Afraid?

they could become lesbians, and not bother with us men at all, ah but then they find the mirror and see it from the mens side, that women are scammers, users, cheaters, liars, just as good as men, its human nature, but personally id like to have the bad, in a good woman, than the good in a bad woman, did i just say that out loud, uuummmmmmm devil

RE: Importance of Happiness in Life

happiness is the key to loveredclown

RE: Christmas gift

of course i accept that momhen, i wasn't having a go, its just that i have seen similar cases where people were buying presents they just couldn't afford, it can spiral out of control very easily, leaving families short for basic commodities like heating and food. enjoy your Christmas, and your present, you have a kind heart. dancingsanta

RE: Importance of Happiness in Life

try giving this sermon on wall street, you will be taken away in a mental hospital van in 5 minutes, its about perception, im not saying i dont agree with you, im just saying.


my girl is 37, im 55 whats age got to do with it, other than conditioned minds that people think is free thought.

RE: Christmas gift

presents should be for family and close friends, the expense of buying gifts as well for co workers must be putting people in needless debt, its just crazy, no wonder people are dept ridden.

RE: I love the movies

not a movie buff myself, spinetingler, but certain films while not life changing, do have an effect on different people, and stick in the mind, for me personally, it was, '' THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY'' '' THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION'' and the old classic, '' CASABLANCA ''

RE: Their Love

who pulled who, and what, oh yea i remember, i gave positive feed back, hows the sister, LOLhug

RE: what men want ?

i love sex, and a woman that loves you and likes having sex with you, aint that something special, paradise can be glimpsed, in many guises, and for christs sake, keep away from the frigid ones, that dont like sex, your life will be a benediction of misery.hug

RE: humans are funny

just a matter of finding someone who appreciates you, like us all, for to be appreciated, is half of being loved.comfort

RE: Is old fashioned romance truly dead

mem are men, they will never be anything else, they are the male of the species, they can wear a suit, a nice shirt and tie, but when a girl walks by in a short black dress, and black tights, watch them, whether they are single, married, or in between, the beast emerges, they are men, sex is best appreciated in a happy relationship, but thats the ideal world, i was never a player, but being a man i understand men, and there instincts, women i fear never will, sure not all men are like that, tyhere are wimps out there as well,

not all women like sex, some had bad experiences, some are naturally frigid, others are worse than men, and crave sex, i could say all women are saints, there not, not all men are either, but they are men, women think they know them, i wonder, and sometimes i despair, boy fancies girl, girl fancies boy, wasn't it simpler then, than all this hand wringing, and lamentation, over the most natural thing on this earth, sex

RE: Is old fashioned romance truly dead

swissblueeyes, im talking about the younger generation, not me, men are programmed, to want sex, morning noon and night, anyone who thinks otherwise, is living in a fantasy land, or is living with a gay man.

RE: what men want ?

sex, in a loving relationship, where both partners love and lust each other, just perfect, when ye are best friends as well, and cherish each other equally.comfort

RE: Why Men Are Afraid?

swissblueeyes, i simply made a point that men are programmed to behave a certain way, i was faithful to my cheating wife for 24 years, i have a lovely girl i met on this site, i wouldent dream of hurting her, or cheating, she is beyond special, i never used women for sex, but men are men, not what you wish them to be,

RE: Is old fashioned romance truly dead

not to be crued, but the young generation today, have there thong in there hand before they get to the door of the car,

its that easy, when standards are there, its hard to expect guys to hang around on the, sometime in the future maybe, label, and thats a fact,

not everyone is like that, but with the hot young bunnies in the night club, dishing it out for free, it sure dosent help the cause of romance, sad flower

RE: Why Men Are Afraid?

men are programed to mate with as many females as possible, its the nature of the beast, so going against nature is not correct, live with it.wink

RE: Latest and greatest of soquiliquay

glad to know there are positives, among the negatives, Leila, keep writing, and believe in your dreams, your dreams are the shadow of your soul.
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RE: Their Love

i am a butterfly, fly gently with me, caress in tenderness, and retreat forever, the army of tears.
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RE: "Accountability for Suffering"

im so sorry, but long blogs, edit, pleasesleep sleep sleep sleep sleep

RE: Cleaning

AN ALTERNATIVE, sign on back of toilet door





perhaps the poetry corner, rolling on the floor laughing

RE: God, . .

from one cowboy to another, the rewards are worth it, i aint bitching.

RE: Jerks, they just know

too much reading can strain the eyes, just like watching the other thing being done, LOLwow

RE: what is the greatest weapon in the world?

the heart, it has the ability to give so much, and to destroy, sad flower

RE: Now I love to write blog ………

people usually join the site, after breaking up in a relationship, sometimes just to see if someone would still like them, as there self esteem is very low initially, but you are regaining your confidence in yourself gradually, as a woman, and im happy for you in that regard, heliya.comfort

RE: my mail keeps on disapearing

are you sure you checked your filter box, many countries may be blocked by your mail settings, its often the case,dunno confused

RE: Can love be found in your senior years?

you can find love, and romance, anywhere, at anytime in your life, me darlin girl, never give up, because you just never know, bouquet

RE: Jerks, they just know

10k you are a genius, at over stating the obvious.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: best of me

hope your up for good, thumbs up

RE: my goshhhhhh!!!!!!!

i lie truthfully, therefore in truth i never lie, so not all men are liers, if there good at it.confused

RE: hate

try to be positive, ambria, i know its not easy, and we all have to be ourselves, but if we can give out positive images, it draws in positive people, we all carry the past in our heads, the real gift is not to carry it in our hearts, best to you pet, benwink

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