We don't exist unless there is someone who can see us existing, what we say has no meaning until someone can understand.
When surrounded by friends we have our identity confirmed, their care for us and their knowledge have the power to pull us from our numbness.
True friends don't evaluate us according to worldly criteria, it is the core self they are interested in. Their love for us remains unaffected by our appearance or position in the social hierarchy by our richness , or the fact that we have made little money.
Discerning our underlying need, we must recognize that a handful of true friends could deliver the love and respect that even a fortune may not.


True love is not burning flames but the love of a friend...

heart beating
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hello keesy, it is said, good friendship, is like good health, its true value is only seen, when it is lost.comfort
Right uncle Ben, ..when we have it.we are used to it..somethig normal..but when we loose hurts, it's the moment we see that we are alone..hug
Hello Sweet Darlin Keesy and Too True Mister Tall,. . conversing

I guess you guys were just tyin to spend a nice Quiet thanksgiving together, . . . . but ya forgot about Me, . .doh
laugh We're not forgotting you AJ, you are hug
You're also my friend!!
Well i thank you, . Sweet Darlin K, . . .

I haven't heard from you in a while, . . . and thought you got mad at me, . . like all the other little women, . . . doh
laugh ..sometimes I need also time for me...I have not just the Net..on my mind..about the other girls, I do not know, but maybe they will come when you don't expect..laugh wine
I'm a glass half full kinda person. By recognizing the true value of a friend only after loosing them says that I did not invest the fullness of myself to begin with. Therefore not much of a friend to the other person. For investing oneself is a prerequisite to friendship.
nice blog, but if friendship is real and no game or cheat like here on net,
what can i say that i haven't already said before find that someone that knows you breathe because two hearts breathe not the same but also yes the same
@ spinentigler..we do not choose our friends, they choose us, so isn't even necesary to invest to much in the friendship..just accept it,some people can be your friends if they want to..

Thanks for your friend hug
@roogofriend we can call the persons on CS mostly aquitances, while it is not something intim. Some of us we can really become friends, and about happen also in the real life, I mean the real friends, because each of us is an individual, a sistem that may fight to survive..infact we are all a bit selfish, even in love..we love for ourselves, not for the person we love..

Your comment it's welcome..hug
Stillframe..two hearts can beat together but not in the same rithm..the other persom allowes himself to be your friend, invests energy in the togetherness but it is still an other person..I mean independent.
I a good friendschip we must respect each others freedom and privacy.
Your figure is an expression of a commitment that must come from both sides..than indeed two hearts beat together.

Thank you too my friend hug
I like this idea of identity because we all have various identities in life starting with when we were born....During our existence we adopt more identities and friends are part of that whether they are life long friends or other type of friend. I appreciate all my friends whether they are people I have met or online and sometimes friends come and go in life because they or you move on or they return after losing contact. The friend I miss the most is the friend who died too early in life but they are never forgotten wave
@ Pixels . We all have our identity, friends are there for us to appreciate and to give it's value.
Life it is a succesion of love stories..even we use the term..LOVE OF MY LIFE..infact..most of the time is the one which lasts longer or it gives more value to our life, and also a succesion of frienship relations, as you've said,, some come, some go..or retourn.

Thanks for your contribution here..hug

Is friendship a passive process? A process where the other side provides the value and we just accept its rewards? Or is friendship a living entity that requires nurturing to grow and reach full maturity? If it's a passive process I can see where we would not realize the value until we have lost it.
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