What do you say to the genie?

You're walking along the beach and you find an old ornate lamp. You've heard the stories of what might happen if you polish the lamp, so you hesitate a moment then rub the lamp gently. Poof!!! A genie appears and in a grand voice offers you three wishes. What do you say to the genie?
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One wish will do. Beam me up, this place sucks. rolling on the floor laughing
Was that in jest or do you really believe this place sucks?
1. to travel anywhere I want with the speed of thought..

2. to change the weather and seasons as I want...

3. to travel in time..

laugh It is all I had in my mind on this moment, I hope the genie will not get angry on me..laugh

I don't think genie's are allowed to get angry. It's probably in the genie handbook. smile

To travel in time.. Hmmm? Where would you go in time?
I would go any places..and see what I like..laugh

I've often wondered what is was like during the Mesozoic Era. Vegetation and oceanic life, weather and climate.
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