Despite popular belief ,,,,it is possible to have a stress free Christmas ,,,,,it doesn't matter how many you have coming for Christmas ,,,,,,or how few ,,,even difficult family members can be tolerated as long as they understand the 'rules' ,,,,which are 'its Christmas a time to not be stressed' ,,,,one way of doing this is not be too rigid,,,,most do have rigid ideas about Christmas,,,take things nice and steady instead,,,,,if Christmas dinner isn't ready exactly before the Queen's speech ,,,,who the hell cares ,,,its a day to enjoy yourself even if you are an adult ­ ,,,I am always the cook in this house and I have never stuck to the stupid 'Christmas Rules' ,,,,why because I am not going to stress myself on a timer ,,,,,I don't think I have ever have a bad Christmas or an argument at Christmas ,,,,and I spent 23 Christmas' with my ex husband ,,,,and many times we actually had Christmas dinner at 6 pm ,,,,,and it was great everything prefect because there is no timer in this house,,,,,,my kids when they were young were never allowed to get up at the crack of dawn opening presents and hyping themselves up ,,,,because it doesn't make Christmas that enjoyable for them or for parents ,,,if your up with children at 5 am ,,,without doubt you will be knackered by 3 pm ,,,,,,and with drink and not enough sleep too,,,
that's when arguments start ,,,its true ,,,,,too many people do not get this fact ,,,and end up throwing the turkey at someone or even worse totally wrecking Christmas,,,,,
­Now this Christmas,,,I have a house full on the day itself and boxing day ,,,and we'll enjoy it too the max ,,,,,,I'm even on standby for 6 more guests and I love it!,,,,,,
­But you know if I was alone for Christmas ,,,I would still enjoy it ,,,,,I wouldn't have a packet meal for one ,,nope I would cook a mini chicken and have a roast ,,,,,I would have a treats basket and even relax with a face mask on,,,,and drink and be merry ,,,then go out to the pub and get chatting to someone and maybe spend the rest of Christmas with them,,,,
­I have no idea what time I'll have dinner ready this year ,,,,,folk are already taking bets at the bookies,,,but I know one thing ,,,,it'll be the best!
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twinkle you have it soo right, too many people stress out over xmas with trying to do everything by the book, working against the clock

i love being woken up by my kids and rushing down the stairs with them to see them open their stockings, i allow them to play with the bits out of their then its time to have a nice cup of tea before tackling the other presents
admittedly this year i was feeling a little bit down as this was the first year i was going to be waking up on my own with my kids but i have my two best friends coming round xmas eve and i have another friend who lives hours away from me but his children live around the corner so to help him out i said he could stay christmas eve with us and leave from here to get his kids, that way his not waking up on his own either
i dont have to worry about cooking dinner this year which is the first time in 14 years so i am going to make the most of just playing with my kids and have fun, i feel this year will be the best xmas ever

have fun twinke with your family and friends, sounds like it wil be the perfect day and your be the perfect hostess gift
When my kids were younger kes I used to love watching them open their presents,,,They always were so excited,,,I miss it a little now they are older,,,Although I have a son who's 25 in Jan and he has autism,,,He didn't start opening his present until he was 20,,,so that's my thrill at Christmas,,,watching him open his presents,,,,I understand all too well that feel kes the first Christmas is the most difficult glad you plan to spend it with friends,,,I had my first Christmas doing it alone in 2006,,,but then I found it better with time,,,I think it's great your getting together with friends to keep your mind occupied this Christmas I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time,,,Enjoy yourselves and have a lovely Christmas cheers
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