How to be loved?

First of all, you have to love!

Sincere heart would take you to sincere people,
you will find how beautiful this world when you surrounded by people with kind heart.

Love is all around...

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People hardly believe in love 2day coz of too many flirts sleep
It is nice to see a gentle heart in the blogs...something I don't see often...I wish for you the "3 Treasures of Life", happiness and, contentment of heart...

@zaib2007 :

Just try to believe, what you reap is what you sow..
If you love to flirt, you will get flirter.. if you love sincere, ONE DAY, you will get someone that also love sincere.. I don't say it would be easy.. GOOD LUCK, pal.. cheers
@Jolynn726 :

It's like yin yang in chinese symbol..
There is black side & white side..
If there is bad people, it also must be a good people around...

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