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There have been quite a few things on my mind lately..but one thing just won't stop re-appearing. I hate the fact that I can't tell my parents who I am.

I remember watching tv with my parents when I was younger. Many times they would be careful about what it was that was on tv but, sometimes things sneek in there that they didn't want us to see. Whenever something with a gay pride rainbow or two men kissing or anything came on, there was always a small comment made. It was made obvious that my parents did not condone homosexual behavior. Even at a young age I knew not everyone was the same. At a young age, my mind was more open than some full grown adults and I would stand up to my parents and at least say something. No matter what I said though, they always had the excuse of their religion. God made a man and woman to reproduce. A man and a man cannot reproduce. A woman and woman cannot reproduce. Therefore, only a man and a woman should be together. Little did my parents know I was already questioning my sexuality at the age of 12. My sophomore year in high school I finally allowed myself to believe I was bisexual. Now as a 21 year old, I feel comfortable with my sexuality and have for quite sometime now. The only thing that is hindering me from going out and finding the right girl, is my parents. I live in a small town and here, everyone know everything. Besides that, not many girls are willing to keep to ourselves and just a few good friends, which I can understand.

I guess the reason I'm writing is for advice. I really don't know how to go about this any longer. It's hard to keep happy when you're hiding basically half of you are. I have a good support system..some who really encourage me meeting other girls..but it doesn't change the fact that I'm not being true to myself completely. If you're going through some of the same things or you have in the past, it would be nice to have someone to talk about this all with. Besides that, thanks for taking the time to hear my story :)

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pfft send the link to this blog to your parents dunno
I used to work at a call center in AZ back in 1994 and met a lot of good friends there. Two in particular that are gay and I still keep in touch with them on Face Book to this day. I am not gay but accept people for who they are. Your dilema is very common. I know that one of my friends I will call him "Franchesca" also knew at a very young age that he was different than the rest of the boys. I recall a story of when I was in college in a sociology class. We had a guest speaker she was a member of PFLAG: Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. She basicallly told us the story about her son coming out of the closet. She said her and her husband went to visit their son in college. During the drive her son and his partner were passengers in the back seat of the vehicle with dad drving and mom as a passenger in the front seat of the car. She said that her son basically came out and said it: "mom, dad, I am gay and this is my partner". She said she was shocked at first/almost wrecked for a second, but basically accepted who her son, for who he is and she was there to educate us on the fact that Gay, Lesbian, purple, brown etc... We are all human period. Check out the website ( think it will be a great resource for you. Best of Luck! hug
I have grown up with a lesbian mom who has been out for as long as I can remember. Although the elders in my family havent always been ok with it. I know that it was a long hard struggle for us all. My mom always encouraged us to listen to Vickie Shaw. She is a lesbian comedian, that gives a positive outlook on all the discrimination you, friends, family, or children might encounter. You never know it might help you open up to your family.

Hope all goes well for you! :)
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